Top 10 Bengali Movies On Amazon Prime


14th of July, 2020 During the colonial and post-colonial periods, Bengal was frequently associated with fine arts. The region has a strong affinity for creative processes and art forms. As a result, it's no surprise that many Bengal-produced films have received international recognition and acclaim. Let's take a look at the best Bengali movies available on Amazon Prime right now:


1. Pather Panchali – Little Road Song (1955)

Satyajit Ray is the director.


Pather Panchali, Satyajit Ray's first and most famous work (of art), is regarded as one of the greatest directorial debuts in cinema history. It was the film that first established India as a major cinematic force. Yes, filmmaking was well established in India at the time. Pather Panchali, on the other hand, was a departure from Ray's usual Bollywood melodrama/musicals. Pather Panchali's realist narrative style was influenced by Italian neorealism and the works of French director Jean Renoir. Ray assisted Renoir in his 1949 film The River when the Frenchman arrived in search of locations. It was here that When the Frenchman arrived, he was looking for locations to film his film. Ray told Renoir about his desire to shoot Pather Panchali at this point. Renoir encouraged him to continue.

The real inspiration came from Vittorio De Sica's Bicycle Thief, which was shot on location with non-actors playing lead roles. A training scene in Pather Panchali exemplifies Ray's vision and genius. A scene so straightforward, with no camera tricks or staged stunts. Nonetheless, a stunning scene that captures the natural landscape of rural Bengal for viewers to enjoy. With his first film, he altered the landscape of Indian cinema. Pather Panchali is based on the 1929 novel of the same name. which follows Apu, the protagonist, as he grows up in rural Bengal

Following the success of Pather Panchali, Ray continued Apu's story with Aparajito (1956) and Apur Sansar (1959), which depict Apu's life as a student and later as an adult in Calcutta. His greatest and most well-known achievement is the Apu trilogy.


Where to Stream: Amazon Prime (outside of India), YouTube, Eros Now, Jio Cinema


2• Teenkahon (2014) is directed by Bauddhayan Mukherji.

Teenkahon, a mystery thriller directed by Bauddhayan Mukherji, is presented in three parts. It is divided into three distinct sections. And each segment has something unique and distinct about it. Teenkahon is more of a social documentary than a film, to raise awareness among its audience. It is an arthouse film that attempts to capture the essence of changing times and their negative effects on people. The film is a nostalgic ride that pines for the good old days while lamenting the negative effects of modernity.

It is dissatisfied with how contemporary society has shaped morality. The film attempts to reminisce about a world that no longer exists.

The film attempts to reminisce about a world where morality was at its core. Through the three stories, it depicts Bengal's changing social fabric.


Teenkahon is available on Amazon Prime.


3•Sandip Ray directed Chaar (2014).


Chaar, as the name implies, is an anthology film based on four short stories written by three different authors. Sandip Ray directed this adaptation of Parasuram's stories Bateswarer Abadan, Porikkha by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, and Kagtarua and Dui Bondhu by Satyajit Ray.


This anthology has a magical quality to it. Each story is a work of art in its own right. When you combine it with some extremely talented actors, you get a simple story, narrated simply, that has the power to move your soul. Because of the expertly handled execution and cinematography, Chaar stands out as exemplary work. This gives the stories new life and makes them relevant in today's world. The combination of art, friendship, betrayal, and love results in a transcendent experience.


Amazon Prime is a good place to watch movies (outside India)


4•Jalsaghar – The Music Room 4th (1958)

Satyajit Ray is the director.


This film, starring Chhabi Biswas, is set in the 1920s and depicts the final days of a landlord (or zamindar) in Bengal who tries to maintain his family's prestige after the Indian government abolished the zamindari system. While the winds of change raged through the outside world, Roy, Biswas' character's name, shuts himself away in his grand home, seeking refuge in his beloved classical music. This was the story of a man who refused to change with the times, sacrificing everything to restore his family's prestige. Jalsaghar, which received mostly negative reviews in India upon its initial release, went on to become a critical and financial success in Europe and the United States. Ray's vision and attention to detail, particularly in set locations, are on display in this film.


Where to Stream: Amazon Prime (outside of India), YouTube, and Eros Now.


5• Hemlock Society (2012)


Suicide is a difficult and often taboo subject. Hemlock Society, on the other hand, completely flips it on its head. The dark romantic comedy revolves around a man who helps people avoid committing sloppy suicide. He presents himself as if his goal is to facilitate their suicide for it to be successful. He wishes to convert attempted suicides into completed suicides. The man establishes the Hemlock Society, where he and others teach people various suicide techniques and how to commit suicide properly. On the surface, it appears to be a very interesting concept that is having a lot of fun with itself.


But, at its core, the film is a psychological and philosophical debate about the meaninglessness of life. The comic element is cleverly employed to elicit the fear of death. The press and media have infiltrated so deeply into our lives that we have become almost desensitized to suicides and deaths. However, this incredible dark comedy makes fun of death at every opportunity, allowing us to experience the value of life while also reacquainting us with the melancholy of death. It is a brilliant work of art that has the potential to demonstrate the inescapability and inevitability of death while also challenging us to live free of its clutches.


Where to Watch: Amazon Prime (if you live outside of India), Hotstar.


6•Arindam Sil directed Dhananjoy (2017).


Dhananjoy dares to ask difficult questions, making for an engrossing watch. Arindam Sil's courtroom drama is based on the true story of Dhananjoy Chatterjee, a security guard accused of rape and murder. The film's court proceedings are very close to the real thing. The film gives us a chance to redeem ourselves by presenting mass hysteria as one of the primary reasons for the execution of a suspect who was never proven to be the perpetrator.

It's a moving story about a man whose numerous attempts to prove his innocence all fail. The film raises the question of whether the poor have any real rights in a country with a flawed judicial system. It is also a thorough investigation into how a gang functions. The concept of mob mentality, as well as the process of converting the innocent into the guilty, is depicted with vivid yet grounded imagery. The film pierces the social fabric and dares to look at and show us the truth, no matter how unbelievable it may be. Dhananjoy, one of the best Bengali films on Amazon, is a must-see.


Amazon Prime members can watch Dhananjoy.


7. Vinci Da (2019).


Vinci Da is an artistic psychological crime thriller directed by Srijit Mukherji. It tells the story of a struggling make-up artist who is persuaded to become an accomplice of a serial killer obsessed with justice. The story is unlike any other you've ever seen, and it leaves the viewer with some poignant images in their minds. The film's second half is held together by the film's strong performances and crisp dialogue. But it's incredible to see such artistic talent and strokes of brilliance in what's essentially a crime thriller.


Vinci Da is available on Amazon Prime.


8•Aparajito – The Unbeatable (1956)

Satyajit Ray, director

Ray decided to continue Apu's story with Aparajito after the success of Pather Panchali. Despite not receiving as much critical acclaim as the first and third installments of this trilogy, the film remains one of his greatest accomplishments. This is a coming-of-age story that serves as a bridge between Pather Panchali and Apur Sansar, the final installment of the Apu trilogy. Aparajito, one of the best classic Bengali films on Amazon Prime, won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.


Where to watch: Amazon Prime (if you live outside of India), YouTube


9•Kadambari (2015)

Suman Ghosh's biopic of Kadambari, Rabindranath Tagore's elder brother's wife, stars Konkona Sen Sharma in the lead role. It's a cleverly crafted film that will keep you glued to the screen for the duration. In this fictionalized biopic, Ghosh uses facts and sources to explore the events leading up to Kadambari's death. However, what makes the film interesting is its avoidance of sensationalism. The creators are effective in this regard.


Aside from the historically accurate portrayal of the society at the time, the film also clearly reveals the subtleties of the character feeling trapped within the household, ever since her marriage at a young age. While similarities to the Rabindranath-Kadambari relationship can be seen in the recent film Bulbul, we would not make any bold claims.


Watch Kadambari on Amazon Prime


10• Herbert (2005)

Suman Mukhopadhyay directed the film.


Suman Mukhopadhyay's film is based on Nabarun Bhattacharya's Sahitya Akademi award-winning novella Herbert. Herbert primarily follows the protagonist and the city of Calcutta in which he lives. The film has a reputation for upsetting those with puritanical values, owing to its heavy political undercurrents. It has a non-linear story structure. The MOMA describes the film as an "astounding, encyclopedic parable: part magical-realist fable, part allegory of cultural imperialism." The film revels in its quality of oscillating back and forth in time to show the socio-cultural and socio-political effects incurred by both our protagonists while enduring the vicissitudes of life.

Without alienating the message, the director effectively employs the medium's various tools, as well as his inspirations. When the packaged story is delivered, the viewer will be completely captivated.


Herbert is now available on Amazon Prime.


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