Top 10 Haunted Phone Numbers To Call In 2023

Top 10 haunted phone numbers to call in 2023

Are you brave enough to call number from the paranormal realm? Get ready for a spine-tingling adventure as we explore the top 10 haunted phone numbers to call in 2023. Who knows what mysteries await on the other side of the line?

1. 000: Dialing The Dead

Many strange and spooky tales, particularly in Asian countries such as Korea and Indonesia, revolve around phone numbers made up of all zeroes. One of these stories suggests that if you call a particular number - usually 000-0000-0000, 1-000-0000-0000, or 1-000-000-000 - a man will answer, telling you that you must get 15 other people to dial the number as well. If you don't, it is said that you will be met with some sort of dire consequence. This is essentially a modern version of a chain letter.

Besides the already mentioned legends, another Japanese tale states that if you dial 0000-00-0000 on the phone, you will hear strange noises on the other end, and if you don't, you will die. However, in a different variation, it is claimed that all-zero phone numbers are connected to deceased people and if you get a call from one, it probably comes from someone who has passed away. A separate narrative I recently came across, which was in Korean, removed death from the equation and framed it more like a scam: If you answer a call from 000-000-0000, then three million won (approximately $2,500 USD) will be deducted from your bank account.

2. 20202020: “Help Me, Susie’s Dying”

Someone who grew up in the UK in the 70s or 80s may be able to tell you a strange story about a public phone booth. If you dialed the number 20202020, a female voice on the other end would repeat the phrase, "Help me, help me, Susie's dying." Sometimes the phrase was changed to "Susie's drowning," but it was always said in an emotionless, monotone way.

It is noteworthy that the number 20202020 is not the only figure associated with this tale, but it is the most common one. Some assert that the figures are not all twos and zeroes, but can also consist of ones, twos and threes. However, the figures usually range from zero to three. The origin of the story is uncertain, although most narratives are from Lancashire and Yorkshire.

3. 777-7777: Calling Mr. Gepeng

This is a story that has been passed down for many years in Indonesia: It is said that Mr. Gepeng, an affluent figure, was crushed either by an elevator or a bulldozer, depending on who you ask. Allegedly, if you dial the phone number 777-7777, you could get in touch with him. It is said that if you contact him, a pile of money from the briefcase he was carrying when he died will magically appear in your toilet.

There are other stories, however, that are much darker; it takes courage to contact him, something you do if you wish to prove yourself. It is said that anyone who does will soon face their destiny at the hands of an elevator, assuming you believe in such things. By the way, "Gepeng" translates to "flat" in English - Mr. Gepeng "Flattened" - do you get it?

4. Red Numbers

Beginning in 2004, there were reports from Nigeria of mysterious phone numbers that could cause a person to have a brain hemorrhage if they answered the call. As a result, these numbers were known as "red numbers," not because they showed up as red on a phone but because of their dangerous nature. Since then, the legend has grown and spread to other countries, including India, Afghanistan, Ghana, and especially Pakistan, where it is most commonly heard about today. Additionally, it is now believed that the numbers appear as red when they come up on a phone.

The purported phone numbers associated with the myth have been 0802 311 1999; 0802 222 5999; 7888308001; 9316048121; 9876266211; 9888854137; 9876715587; and 9888308001. Despite the impossibility of turning a telephone into a sonic weapon, some still believe in the legend. Proceed with caution when answering your phone.

5. 999-9999: The Death Wish Phone Number

If you are living in Thailand and you desperately want something, they say that you can call the phone number 999-9999 and whisper your wish into the receiver at midnight. Your wish will be granted, but the consequence of doing so is that you will die.

The tales about the 'cursed' number have been around for an unknown amount of time, and popularized by the Thai movie entitled 999-9999. The movie and the myth may have been mutually inspiring, and the moral of the story is to take heed of the old adage: be careful what you wish for.

6. 777888999: The Exploding WhatsApp Number

In 2017, a rumor began circulating on WhatsApp in India that if you answered a call from the non-existent number 777888999, it would set your phone on fire or make it explode, killing you in the process. Another version of the story was that if you answered the call, a woman would tell you it is the last call you will ever receive, and then you would die. However, it was quickly proven to be false since the number is nine digits long, and all mobile phone numbers in India typically have 10 digits.

This particular story is particularly fascinating to me as it appears to be an adaptation of the Red Numbers legend - so much so that it may even be a modernized version of the tale. Although the number is not said to be red in this case and the consequence of answering the call is slightly altered, the general structure remains the same: Do not answer the call or it will lead to some unfortunate result for your phone. Legends never truly die, they simply transform.

7. 088-8888-888: The Cursed Bulgarian Phone Number

The phone number 088-8888-888 is an actual number which has been connected to three deaths. All three people who had been assigned the number passed away in strange ways within a few years of each other. Vladimir Grashov, a telecom executive, died at 48 in 2001. Konstantin Dimitrov, a 33-year-old mobster, was shot outside a diamond store in the Netherlands in 2003. Finally, Konstantin Dishiliev, 28, was shot near a restaurant in Sofia in 2005.

The Telegraph printed an article in 2010 that stated the phone number was removed from use after three deaths, though the phone provider neither confirmed nor denied this. Rumors thus spread that the number was cursed, and the reason it was taken out of service was because it had allegedly killed anyone who used it. However, it was most likely a coincidence. In fact, the number was given to someone else the last time it was checked, and that person is still alive.

8. 090-4444-4444: Sadako’s Scary Phone Number

If you happen to encounter a mysterious VHS tape, and you watch it, you know that you have seven days until death, right? Did you also know that the same thing can happen if you dial the number 090-4444-444 in Japan? It's the same idea: seven days and then you die. The cause of your death is rumored to be Sadako Yamamura, the pale-clothed ghost of the Ringu series.

Although the phone number in the story is just made up, it is real and can be dialed if you use the right digits for the Japanese phone number. When you call it you will hear some strange sounds, but it's not really meant to be dialed; it's more like a test line or access number. It's unknown how the phone number became associated with Sadako, but the legend has been around for over two decades.

9. Momo’s Numbers

In the latter part of the 2010s, an enigmatic, unsettling figure called “Momo” was used by parents, guardians, and other authoritative figures to voice their worries about the wellbeing of children and mental health. Despite the fact that the pictures alleged to show “Momo” were of a sculpture by the Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa entitled “Ubume,” or “Mother Bird,” the creature depicted in the images seemed to be frightening enough to become associated with a variety of strange tales, urban legends, and other online content that was shared across different social media sites and online forums.

Momo did not begin on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, the platform in which she achieved her greatest success. Rather, she was initially found on Whatsapp and primarily communicated in Spanish. The two numbers most commonly associated with Momo at first, +573135292569 and +5226681734379, were both from Colombia and Mexico.

Although there was a third clue that suggested Momo had Japanese roots - the +81345102539 phone number - texting it would only yield offensive responses. If one is feeling daring, they can still try sending a text, however, they should keep in mind that Momo is not real and neither are the strange challenges connected to her.

10. 666: The Phone Number Of The Beast

No matter who you ask, the phone number might be composed of 6s: 666-666-6666, 666-6666, or just 666. All these numbers are believed to be associated with the Devil, as the Bible mentions 666 as the Number of the Beast. Do not attempt to dial any of these numbers because it is said to be the Devil on the other side. Furthermore, if you ever receive a call from any of these numbers, do not answer the call since it would be a call from Satan, who, apparently, is American.

I'm not going to beat around the bush: I think this tale is a bit ridiculous. It's too predictable, and if I'm being completely honest, Christian beliefs don't really scare me. In addition, it's easily disproved; there is no area code 666 in the US, and dialing 666-666-6666 will simply result in a "Your call cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later" message.

In 2013, an individual repeatedly sent a random person in Colorado 48 messages saying "SATAN" from a number made to look like it was the "666" number. This is a very obnoxious and mean thing to do, so please don't do it.




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