Top 15 Lawyer Movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime & Others


A lot of lawyer movies will end with one lawyer winning the case. Then they go on to be married and start a family. This is common in all films. However, this isn’t always the way it is portrayed. Many movies are meant to be comical, but they still have drama in them. Some movies portray lawyers as being a one-person show who never gets a fair shake from anyone.

So here’s a few Famous Lawyer Movies that you might want to take a look at:-

1. Dark Water

A steadfast lawyer reveals a dark trick that connects a growing number of inexplicable deaths among the globe’s largest companies. While attempting to expose reality, he quickly discovers himself risking his future, family members, and life. Dark Waters isn’t the movie you want to see; however, it is the film you need to attend to understand what’s taking place in the world today.

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2. The Judge

The flick showed up in the role of a surprise with excessive emotions and outstanding, engaging courtroom drama to witness. All praise to Robert Downey Jr– who is a brand of excellent films to watch. An incredible cast and promising property are overloaded in an uncomfortable mix of airport-novel noir and blokey household melodrama.

3. Puncture

A significant underdog tale of a drug-addled lawyer who battles extensive health and wellness supply business while fighting his very own personal battle with dependency. A gem of a film– this is an incredible film – that takes on medicine addiction, honesty, honor, the sleazy side of medical care.

4. Find Me Guilty

At the tail end of the 1980s, a small-time mobster called Jackie DiNorscio protects himself in court in what came to be described as the lengthiest criminal trial in the United States judicial background. A remarkably engaging film, despite its length and somewhat monotonous setting in a court. The film includes an excellent script, which can be hilarious, dramatic, and touching.

5. The Rainmaker

Rudy, a charming yet unskilled legislation college grad, agrees to defend a child struggling with leukemia after the insurance provider refuses to spend for his emergency operation. This film has terrific acting and also mixing courtroom drama. Some dialogues will unquestionably force you to fall in love with the character. All things considered, I can state that it’s an extremely significant movie, made after attributing due importance to the judicial profession.

famous lawyer movies

6. The Lincoln Lawyer

The film grappled with extremely reasonable motifs and nepotism that I’m seeing in the air, much more primary in current times. Regardless of a few of the story’s technicalities, I think that the movie maintained ties to modern-day society, and the personalities were adequately created, providing magnificent performances. The manuscript enhanced the story and carried the shocking touches of physical violence against females and residential violence.

7. Michael Clayton

The tale was grasping & the performing was exceptional. An outstanding film with a solid ethical issue at its core and a substantial charge of Corporate America. It’s an advanced adult movie script for those with a great deal much more grey matter than the norm, and also, it’s shot nearly like a movie noir.

8. The Invisible Guest (2016)

The Invisible Guest is a Spanish mystery-thriller that saturates itself in style. Adhering to a business person implicated in murder and a professional of the area who is there to create his defence at the last hr, the movie is a non-stop trip once it starts. I may refer to it once if there is a craving for some good famous lawyer movies to watch on the internet.

9. Erin Brockovich (2000)

Based on actual occasions, this classic little neighbourhood v.s. a massive firm story is regretfully just one more, yet again evoking awe and scary as to the lengths business greed will go. Erin Brockovich is an inspiring story that focuses on justice, equality, and the harsh reality of big corporates.

10. Legally Blonde

Splitting in a relationship has become quite natural these days. But the trauma arises when the other partner ditches just for benefits. Legally Blonde is a quick lesson for those who are in relationships just for benefiting out of it and later part their ways. A laughter courtroom drama with an eye-opener of not letting the person vanish from your life without making the person pay for his actions.

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11. Primal Fear (1996)

In a court of law, a lawyer is the one who can get you out of trouble even if you are guilty. Primal Fear is a story of a cunning lawyer- who doesn’t care about the truth and can do anything to prove his client non-guilty in front of hardcore cash. This motion picture is the actual definition of a criminal activity thriller and the absolute ideal in its genre! Flawless and also extensive acting by Edward Norton! Richard Gere’s design, somewhat uncharacteristic and also brand-new because age is just as immersive.

12. Pink

Pink is a 2016 Indian thriller court dramatization criminal activity movie, which showcases the corrupt emotional way of thinking of male superiority that has been debilitating the material of equality, which gets reinforced due to the assistance by some individuals in power, causing more organized criminal offences against female. Amitabh Bachchan as a retired legal representative suffering from bipolar affective disorder, battles a situation in the court for a sexually attacked target that is incorrectly pursued the tried murder of her aggressor and looks to enhance the faith in the judicial system.

famous lawyer movies

13. Fracture

It’s a good thing to be confident, but being overconfident might break you apart at times. Fracture is a twist in a tale narrative that will hook you from the start till the end. A film that defines that you should never underestimate your competitor even if it is a fresh dealer in the market. A story about a lawyer trying to manipulate a criminal in the court but return gets a tough fight from the criminal, and it becomes a complex task.

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14. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

A brilliant knock performance by all the in house cast that has so well courtroom dramatization, so exciting scenes that will excite you throughout the view of the film. The film has moments where you would be forced to clap out loud and praise the makers. A masterpiece that one can’t ignore from watching if you are a movie addict. The first couple of mins of the movie, where they introduce the seven accused, are shown as a beautiful mosaic with busy editing and rock music behind. This creative selection grabs your interest to the fullest. A Significant Set Cast that supplies solid efficiencies, fantastic Association of real and imaginary video footage, Top-Tier Dialogues, Razor sharp editing, superior Cinematography, and Jaw-dropping Climax.

15. Reasonable Doubt

Mitch Brockden (Dominic Cooper) is associated with a hit and run accident, gets out to help, then understands the incident may have an unfavourable impact on his life and occupation and vanishes. Clinton Davis (Samuel L. Jackson), a neighbourhood automobile auto mechanic, is charged with murder after the battered body of a pedestrian is discovered in his van. Davis urges he was only taking a hit-and-run sufferer to a medical facility. Taken in by a sense of guilt, Mitch volunteers to represent him. But proof later leads him to believe that Davis may, as a matter of fact, be a serial killer who is affiliated with a recent string of unresolved murders.




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