Top 20 Telugu Movies On Netflix In 2023 - 2024

Top 20 Telugu Movies On Netflix In 2023 - 2024

Discussing the realm of the Best Telugu Movies on Netflix, the streaming giant, though somewhat sluggish in the Telugu movie category compared to Amazon Prime Video, offers a limited yet noteworthy selection. Despite the scarcity, the available movies exhibit commendable quality and are certainly worth your time. Here's a compilation of the Best Telugu Movies on Netflix that you shouldn't overlook.

20. Parugu

   - Featuring: Sheela Kaur and Allu Arjun
   - Director: ‘Bommarillu’ Bhaskar
   - Genre: Romance
   - Synopsis: Neelakantam's daughter elopes with Babu, leading to Babu's friends being kidnapped for retribution. Amidst this, Krishna falls in love with Neelakantam's younger daughter.

19. Oh! Baby

   - Starring: Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Lakshmi
   - Director: B. V. Nandini Reddy
   - Genre: Fantasy / Comedy
   - Review Excerpt: "Oh! Baby" starring Samantha Ruth Prabhu delivers on family entertainment with a mix of comedy, emotion, and a remarkable performance from Samantha.

18. GodFather

   - Starring: Chiranjeevi & Satyadev
   - Director: Mohan Raja
   - Genre: Political
   - Synopsis: A political drama featuring 'Megastar' Chiranjeevi, GodFather explores the power struggle within the ruling party after the State Chief Minister's death.

17. Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali

   - Starring: Satyadev Kancharana, Priyanka Jawalkar
   - Synopsis: A remake of the 2019 Kannada movie, Thimmarusu follows a police trainee's amateur investigation into the kidnapping of a girl, starring Satyadev Kancharana.

16. Shyam Singha Roy

   - Starring: Nani, Sai Pallavi & Krithi Shetty
   - Director: Rahul Sankrityan
   - Genre: Period / Drama
   - Synopsis: Shyam Singha Roy revolves around a director accused of plagiarism, discovering a transcendental connection to his past life.

15. Uppena

   - Starring: Vaishnav Tej & Krithi Shetty
   - Director: Buchi Babu Sana
   - Genre: Romance
   - Synopsis: Uppena portrays the love story of Aasi and Sangeetha, navigating caste differences and ego issues.

14. Oohalu Gusagusalade

   - Featuring: Naga Shourya & Raashii Khanna
   - Director: Srinivas Avasarala
   - Genre: Romance
   - Synopsis: A sweet and simple love story, Oohalu Gusagusalade marks the directorial debut of Srinivas Avasarala.

13. Saakini Daakini

   - Starring: Nivetha Thomas & Regina Cassandra
   - Director: Sudheer Varma
   - Genre: Action-Thriller
   - Synopsis: Two police trainees embark on an amateur investigation after witnessing a girl's kidnapping in Saakini Daakini.

12. Bheeshma

   - Starring: Nithiin & Rashmika Mandanna
   - Director: Venky Kudumula
   - Genre: Comedy-Drama
   - Synopsis: Bheeshma follows the journey of a meme creator who, determined to remain single, encounters Chaitra.

11. Ante Sundaraniki!

   - Starring: Nani & Nazriya Fahadh
   - Director: Vivek Athreya
   - Genre: Romance
   - Synopsis: Sundar and Leela must convince their traditional Hindu and Christian families to approve their marriage in this peppy and funny rollercoaster ride.

10. Anukokunda Oka Roju

   - Featuring: Charmme Kaur & Jagapathi Babu
   - Director: Chandra Sekhar Yeleti
   - Genre: Thriller
   - Synopsis: Anukokunda Oka Roju explores the story of an independent woman entangled in a bizarre situation involving a cult.

9. Major

   - Featuring: Adivi Sesh, Saiee Manjrekar
   - Director: Sashi Kiran Tikka
   - Genre: Biopic
   - Synopsis: Major recounts the life of Sandeep Unnikrishnan, focusing on his childhood, teenage years, and bravery during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

8. Eega

   - Starring: Samantha & Kichcha Sudeep
   - Director: S. S. Rajamouli
   - Genre: Drama
   - Synopsis: Directed by SS Rajamouli, Eega tells the story of Nani, who reincarnates as a fly seeking revenge for his death caused by his lover's jealous boss.

7. Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya

   - Starring: Satyadev Kancharana, VK Naresh
   - Director: Venkatesh Maha
   - Genre: Drama
   - Synopsis: Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya explores the intriguing life of a struggling man in a village, with remarkable performances and picturesque locales.

6. AWE!

   - Starring: Kajal Aggarwal, Cassandra
   - Director: Prashanth Varma
   - Genre: Psy-Thriller
   - Synopsis: AWE! weaves together various stories, including an imaginative one with a fish and a tree speaking, showcasing Prashanth Varma's skillful storytelling.

5. Mallesham

   - Starring: Priyadarshi, Jhansi
   - Director: Raj R
   - Genre: Biopic
   - Synopsis: Mallesham portrays the inspiring journey of Chintakindi Mallesham, the inventor of the 'Asu (Weaving) Machine,' with a focus on his passion and determination.

4. Cinema Bandi

   - Starring: Vikas Vasistha, Sandeep Varanasi
   - Director: Praveen Kandregula
   - Genre: Drama
   - Synopsis: Cinema Bandi tells the story of a rickshaw driver who decides to make a film with an expensive camera he discovers, offering a fresh, heartwarming take.

3. Ee Nagariniki Emaindi?

   - Starring: Vishwak Sen, Sushanth Reddy
   - Director: Tharun Bhascker
   - Genre: Buddy Comedy
   - Synopsis: Tharun Bhascker's film explores the fun, silliness, and drama of a buddy-comedy genre, connecting with viewers who miss their pre-marriage adventures.


2. Ala Vaikunthapurramloo

   - Starring: Allu Arjun, Pooja Hegde
   - Director: Trivikram Srinivas
   - Genre: Drama
   - Synopsis: A blockbuster hit, Ala Vaikunthapurramloo captivates with its unique plot, stellar performances, comedic scenes, and chartbuster songs.

1. Care of Kancharapalem

   - Starring: Raju, Radha Bessey
   - Director: Venkatesh Maha
   - Genre: Drama
   - Synopsis: Care of Kancharapalem, set in Visakhapatnam, narrates four endearing love stories of different age groups, making it a compelling and must-watch independent film.

This diverse selection showcases the richness and variety of Telugu cinema available on Netflix, providing audiences with a mix of genres and compelling narratives.




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