Top 9 Marathi Movies On Hotstar till 2022


Marathi cinema has found a home on all streaming platforms in the era of OTT. While the modern concept of Marathi cinema is associated with films like Sairat and Court, we believe a slew of lesser-known and under-appreciated gems available on platforms other than Amazon Prime and Netflix. Here is a list of the best Marathi movies currently streaming on Hotstar Organized by genre:


1•Shala (2011)

This romantic drama won two National Awards: the Silver Lotus for Best Feature Film in Marathi and the National Film Award for Best Screenplay. It was adapted from Milind Bokil's novel of the same name. The film is set in the turbulent era of Emergency, harkening back to the nostalgia of school days and sweet adolescence full of naivete. It follows four ninth-graders who are determined to shape their fate.


The film, directed by Sujay Dahake, looks into the life of a schoolboy and follows his love for a classmate. Thematically, the film toys with the idea of how adolescent love plays out at its core. The film is a wholesome treat to watch, interrogating while providing subtle answers. Prepare to press the rewind button with Shala!


2. Samna (1974) – thriller best Marathi movies on Hotstar

This film, directed by Jabbar Patel, began its journey by being accepted into the 25th Berlin International Film Festival. The film was nominated for the Golden Berlin Bear at the festival and received positive reviews. It became a landmark film in the history of the Marathi film industry because it questioned the rural politics prevalent in Maharashtra while exploring the subgenres of thriller, crime, and drama. Mohan Agashe, Nilu Phule, Shriram Lagoo, Smita Patil, and Vilas Rakate all deliver outstanding performances in Samna. The film's power comes not only from its rustic story but also from its edgy writing (courtesy of Jabbar Patel and Vijay Tendulkar) and dialogue delivery.


3•Chaukat Raja (1991)

This film is based on a family that collectively bears the responsibility of a mentally challenged person. It is a story of the many fruits of empathy, compassion, and understanding for the greater good of society. They continue to encourage him to improve his skills while dealing with their internal instabilities. One year after its release, the film earned Dilip Prabhavalkar a Maharashtra State Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of a disabled boy. The film is a testament to the sensitive treatment of the subject matter in the realm of mental health. Along with a powerful message, Sanjay Sarkar's film delivers on the plot front as well. That is a movie.

The fact that a film like this came along in a decade that didn't do much for Marathi cinema is noteworthy in and of itself.


4•Gabhricha Paus (2009) is one of the best Marathi movies available on Hotstar.

This film, which translates to 'The Damned Rain' in Marathi, brilliantly depicts the ordinary lives of a farmer family who rely on the rain but are tenacious in their pursuit. The film, which is set in the drought-stricken Vidarbha region, is centered on the theme of farmer suicides. It addresses a variety of issues, including the lack of structural and reliable credit for farmers, as well as the issue of rural loan sharks. Farmers and their issues are treated with great sensitivity, even though they are neck-deep in debt and struggling to survive daily. Gabhricha Paus's power comes from instilling many themes and touching on many threads in that zone.

Exceptional cinematography and riveting portrayals of the main characters add to the film's awe-inspiring quality. With its great maturity in storytelling, the film truly holds up a mirror to the society that thrives on the exploitation of farmers. It has also traveled to several film festivals and won two regional awards for its true story of indomitable spirits and struggles that are more than every day.


5•Morya (2011) 

This film deals with the commercialization and sense of competition that often overpowers the intent behind the celebration of a popular festival, based on themes that emerge organically from Ganesh Chaturthi. Avadhoot Gupta, the director, easily taps into the sensibilities of the people as he deals with a subject that is already close to the hearts of people all over the world, not just the Marathi population.

The characters in the film are carefully crafted, as they fight to the bitter end to prove their superiority in celebrating Ganeshotsav with pomp and show. We are concerned with their shallow concerns about winning even amid a divine festival because they are concerned with the shallow aspect of winning even amid even amidestival.


We are compelled to look within, into the whirlwind of our daily lives. Morya is a well-intentioned effort, with commendable performances all around.


6•Farzand (2018)

Digital Lanjekar's historical epic tells the courageous story of Kondaji Farzand, one of Chhatrapati Shivaji's trusted military leaders. Farzand, on the other hand, instead of taking the traditional route of a character study, follows the warrior and his army of 60 soldiers as they attempt to retake the Panhala fort. Ankit Mohan's performance as the valiant fighter is excellent, as is the rest of the cast, which includes seasoned veterans such as Chinmay Mandrelkar and Mrunal Kulkarni. The action sequences are well-crafted, but the visual effects are sadly lacking.

Farzand is an ambitious undertaking that manages to keep one engaged for the majority of its 155-minute runtime even though it doesn't offer anything new to its viewers.

Farzand is an ambitious undertaking that manages to keep one engaged for the majority of its 155-minute runtime, even though it offers nothing new to its family.


7•Ranga Patanga (2016)

Ranga Patanga, set in rural Maharashtra, is a well-intentioned social satire about the appalling state of farmers today and the obvious politicization of their issues. Jumman, played by the delightful Makrand Anaspure, is a poor peasant who has just lost his two oxen Ranga and Patanga. He begins an investigation into the oxen's disappearance with the assistance of his devoted friend, Popat. On their journey, they meet Kaustubh, an opportunistic TV reporter who finds their story fascinating and wants to cover it. The story quickly gains traction, and Jumman finds himself caught up in a feeding frenzy.

The first half is a black comedy that is entertaining to watch. However, after the intermission, the film deviates from its original course as the tone abruptly shifts to a more serious tone. The ending seems a little far-fetched and oversimplifies the troubling issue of farmer suicide. Despite its flaws, Ranga Patanga should be praised for its unconventional approach to telling a story with a social message.


8•Tu Tithe Mee (1998) 

The film is centered on several harsh realities of life, and it involves a series of events in which the children make decisions for their elderly parents, resulting in an overall disaster that is later solved at the behest of lost time. The film, directed by Sanjay Sarkar, won two National Awards, including Best Feature Film in Marathi. It also received 12 State Film Awards and 5 Filmfare Awards.


The film, which would go on to inspire Amitabh Bachchan's Baghban 5 years later, revolves around a man who, after retiring, realizes the harsh reality of his situation. He has missed out on life's sweet pleasures because he has been preoccupied with caring for others. He resolves not to waste any more of his time and decides to live life to the fullest. However, as fate would have it, he is divorced from his wife. And he was forced to live apart from half of his family. Because our culture is deeply rooted in togetherness and family life, a story like this was bound to resonate with Indian audiences.


9. YZ (2016) Hotstar Marathi Movies

This intriguing mix of genres, including comedy, romance, coming-of-age, and drama, has proven to be a rollercoaster ride for its viewers. The plot revolves around the exploits and misadventures of a 33-year-old history teacher who is naive and romantically inexperienced. The film's most intriguing aspect is its exploration of a mismatched identity oscillating between that of a boy and that of a man.

The film proves the writer-director duo Sameer Vidwans and Kshitij Patwardhan's mettle by flipping the meaning of the cuss word abbreviation. It is a slice-of-life and rather a relatable piece of cinema; YZ takes viewers on a journey of exploration of modern themes such as loneliness, love, and acceptance.


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