Fact Check: Was Sushant Paying EMI’s for Ankita’s Flat Even after Breaking Up?

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A news report by India Today claims that Rhea Chakraborty has stated to Enforcement Directorate that Sushant was paying EMIs for a flat which occupied by Sushant’s ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande. The report says that Rhea has revealed to ED how SSR was paying EMIs for a flat in Malad which is occupied by Ankita. The report further goes on to mention that a questionnaire was sent to Ankita and her team, but India Today has not received a response from them.

The news updates states that about Rs. 4.5 crore were paid by SSR for the flat in Malad where Ankita resides. According to the report, ED will be looking into the ties between Ankita and Sushant’s finances. Now not just Rhea but even Ankita will be questioned by the ED in connection to the late actor’s finances.

The ED was looking into the Rs. 15 crore matters which were siphoned off from SSR’s bank account. In this matter, the ED had questioned Rhea. Now, with the latest news update in SSR’s case, Ankita Lokhande will also be grilled by the ED.

It seems like Rhea has alleged that SSR paid for Ankita’s flat even after breaking-up to remove herself from the spotlight and bring in Ankita. Because the truth is that SSR and Ankita bought flats adjacent to each other and they were combined later. Sushant was paying for his flat only. Ankita has recently posted a post in which wrote about this flat thing and how Sushant wasn’t into any depression when they were together. She says that she will be saying the truth whenever questioned.

Also Rhea has recently mentioned that Sushant was claustrophobic and that he always carried a medicine for it. To this Ankita Lokhande shared a throwback video of SSR in which he is enjoying the flight very well. The video is a proof of Rhea’s lie about the medicines.


4 thoughts on “Fact Check: Was Sushant Paying EMI’s for Ankita’s Flat Even after Breaking Up?

  • August 30, 2020 at 7:23 pm

    AT, pancholi, one big Bollywood star and rhea gang are murderer of sushant.
    They have given him painful death.
    I started hating this nepotistic Bollywood actors , gangs and this young politician.
    I pray every day.
    Allah please give justice to sushant and punishment to this all culprits.
    Hope justice delivers.
    Rhea is witch !
    Ok I am less literate study till graduation but one thing me and my friends can say this people can kill sushant , then they can kill common people like you and us.
    Justice for sushant

    • August 31, 2020 at 1:02 am

      rhea, sandeep singh & friends seem to be guilty. but there is no solid proof of AT, sooraj pancholi, etc of being involved. let’s see what CBI has to say

  • August 31, 2020 at 10:31 am

    Don’t be biased to one side.
    Disha rape is mix of AT & pancholi.
    You know too but Raindrop media is doing huge PR.
    Now fake liberals & second class actress are coming to protect rhea example tapsee and swara.
    Even rajdeep dalal got money for PR.
    Whatever but i pray justice delivers to sushant.

    • August 31, 2020 at 1:01 pm

      everybody knows rajdeep’s reputation. he may have been paid. im saying even if big politicians or actors are involved there is no proof or witness.


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