Best Nightwear Brands In India

Best Nightwear Brands In India

After all, day working in tight formal clothes, it would be great relaxing to wear comfortable sleepwear at night. They are worn for comfort while sleeping and for moving around freely just before sleeping. Nightwear is no longer for sleeping only but transformed into a fashion  statement. Modern women prefer to wear sleepwear with a fashionable cut and sexy look. So just forget those extra loose gowns, and select from exclusive trends available in the market. Many Indian brands have started manufacturing designer an extensive range of Woman’s nightwear like Baby Doll, Teddies, Nightgowns & Robes, Bikini Intimates, Tops & Shorts, Pyjamas, and many more. They also facilitate customers to purchase online with extra shopping benefits like free shipping, discreet packaging, cash on delivery, and so on.

We have enlisted top leading Indian nightwear brands in a list here, just check out them and select the best for your sweet and special nights-

1. Zivame 

If you are looking for fashionable sleepwear, then must have a look at the most loved sleepwear brand – Zivame collection just mesmerizes you. Most of its designer collection is designed by Mrs. Seema Kapoor with lots of love and care, focusing on perfect cut, fit, and flare. As comfort is a major aspect of wearing nightwear, special attention is given to the quality of fabric & embellishments, comfortable bra cups, softness of beautiful laces & microfibers, cut bows, and sexy glamorous high fashion trims. Don’t forget to add this fast-growing brand to your Favorites list.


2. PrettySecrets

PrettySecrets was founded by Karan Behal in 2012, and the brand is India’s first and the largest lingerie brand (in product width/assortment). It would be a great achievement for the brand when the gorgeous B-town beauties like Shruti Hasan, Bipasha Basu, and Gauhar Khan wore PrettySecrets lingerie for the pose of Maim Magazine cover girl. You can explore an incredibly wide variety of beautiful styles, comfortable fits, and quality fabrics for nightwear selection with PrettySecrets. Keeping in mind the comfort & relaxation of sleeping, it uses lightweight fabric for designs and patterns.

3. Clifton

Clifton was started with lingerie and bridal wear as a leading brand of Clifton Trends Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai in 1999 but the instant success of its product range along with subsequent growth of the company, it also added more products like ladies nightwear, loungewear, etc. in its pipeline. You can visit Clifton’s exclusive outlets in Mumbai – Bandra, Ghatkoper, and Mulund for offline purchase. When it comes to varieties, it has something for everyone from a daily basis long & short nighties to fancy bridal collections.

4. Enamor

5. This would be your one-stop solution for nightwear! In 2001, Gokaldas Images tied up with Barbara of Paris launched Enamor, a special lingerie brand for urban Indian women. Enamor nightwear is available in three main categories: Glamour, Mix & Match, and Lounge.

1. Glamour – for pretty design patterns and attractive color choices

2. Mix & Match – for the perfect pairing

3. Lounge – for relaxing and comfy choices worn at home.


6. De-nap

“Pajamas for life! They are definitely more than a sleepwear.”

On a mission in mind to create high quality nightwear keeping in mind customers’ tastes, needs and requirements, De-Nap believes that pyjamas should no longer be boring or restricted to old and worn out tees and kurtas. Celebrating nightwear, the team hopes to inspire women across the country to look at their nightwear from a new perspective. Not only worrying about a night gown or nighties during wedding shopping, their quirky outfits are a means to motivate Indian women to make it a part of their day-to day fashion statement. From Christmas confetti prints to adorable little penguins hanging off of your night suit pockets, De-Nap also specializes in baby blankets and night clothes for kids.

6. Catnap

This company makes night suits for six-month old babies, adults and now even pets. The prints are very happy and the children love it.”

A Pune-based customized sleepwear brand, Catnap was founded by Sabrina Omer with degree in fashion. Making sleepwear for pets, humans and babies, the 22-year old entrepreneur focuses on patterns and quirky elements like ribbon, butter paper and personalized notes in the customized bags. From matching pyjama suits for mothers and babies to unicorn bed-linen, Catnap is further expanding into the industry of snuggles, ensuring that they cater to your every need for December’s winters. Having worked in sales for 3 years, Omer shed light on the importance of communication with the client. She doesn’t have a website, and says there’s no need for one yet. As soon as she gets a message from a potential customer, it becomes a personal connect to such an extent that she visits their homes for trials and delivery. Hoping to open a storefront in the future, Omer is focusing on her prints right now.

7. The Calm Collective

“Good living is a true luxury which requires time, awareness and self love.”

This Indian sleepwear brand focuses on the importance of a sufficient and satisfactory sleep ritual. With good health and well-being at the core of their values, they create light and airy sleepwear for maximum comfort. They hold the promise of their products never going into a landfill to ensure sustainability. The fabrics used by them is scrutinised heavily to be able to provide sleep ritual which has no signs of discomfort. They use lght-weight, breathable cotton and silk. The modern and aesthetic designs are a sight for sore eyes and bring about a sense of excitement to indulge in a sleep ritual.

8. . Mystere Paris

 “Mystere Paris is a fashion brand for the women who embrace their many moods and display each one brilliantly”

Brainchild of Tanvi Goenka Sekhsaria and Vishwanshu Agarwal, Mystere Paris creates a blend of style and comfort. Their designs range from fun and quirky to sleek and simple. Their vast range of products include track pants and sleep tees as well. A maternity line caters to all the sleepwear needs of expecting mothers too. The most interesting and out-there aspect is their Pyjama Party! The event saw many expecting mothers dressed in their Pyjamas, having a day to themselves where they could relax, unwind and also have their fair share of fun. With the help of filters and simple navigation, the site is easy to use and also delivers to your doorstep. Mystere Paris is a wholesome company for anyone looking for sleepwear that is far from boring.

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