Alpha Prime: A High-Risk High Reward Concentrated Portfolio

Alpha Prime: A High-Risk High Reward Concentrated Portfolio


Alpha Prime is a high-risk high reward concentrated portfolio employing an aggressive momentum investing strategy, focusing on only the top 10 performing and most trending stocks. Each stock added to the Alpha Prime portfolio is carefully selected based on strong earnings momentum, price momentum, volume momentum, forward looking earnings estimates, robust fundamentals, and key trending opportunities. Let’s understand the theseis and philosophy behind Alpha Prime of Concentration vs diversification before we jump into how the portfolio is made, the primary goals, benefits, risks and more.

The Benefits & Losses of Diversification

Diversification is often heralded as the "only free lunch." For beginners, the concept is simple: add more stocks to a portfolio to mitigate risk. However, as with most investment strategies, the reality is more nuanced. Let's explore the balance between diversification and concentration and understand if there's such a thing as an over-diversified portfolio.

The Basics of Diversification

Diversification aims to reduce the risk of holding any single stock by spreading investments across multiple stocks. This strategy helps mitigate stock-specific risks and smooths out the volatility of a portfolio. When constructing a portfolio, we aim to optimize the trade-off between risk and reward. Adding more stocks generally reduces risk up to a certain point, beyond which the benefits of diversification start to taper off.

Scenarios to Consider

  1. High Prospective Returns Across the Board: When the market offers ample opportunities with promising returns, diversification is beneficial. Adding a new stock to the portfolio can improve returns without significantly increasing risk. In such scenarios, spreading investments is not just safe but advisable.
  2. Diminishing Returns with Each New Investment: If each new investment promises a lower return for a given risk than the previous ones, diversification can be detrimental. In these cases, a concentrated portfolio might provide better returns. Focusing on high-quality stocks with strong growth potential can maximize returns more effectively than spreading investments too thin.
  3. Excess Diversification Hurts Returns: Holding too many stocks can dilute the portfolio's potential returns and make it difficult to track and research each investment thoroughly. This issue is exacerbated if each new stock added is of lower value than those already in the portfolio. Reducing the portfolio to an optimal level, where each stock adds significant value, is likely the best approach.

Diminishing Returns in Diversification

As the number of stocks in a portfolio increases, the incremental benefit of adding another stock decreases. This phenomenon is known as diminishing returns to diversification. Initially, diversification significantly reduces risk, but as the portfolio grows larger, the additional risk reduction becomes minimal. At a certain point, adding more stocks does not reduce risk appreciably and may even hurt returns due to over-diversification.


Robo-advisory services, like those provided by Wright Research, utilize advanced algorithms, quantitative research, and deep machine learning and AI models to optimize portfolio construction. These technologies can efficiently analyze vast amounts of data and help in maintaining an optimal balance between diversification and concentration, addressing the issues highlighted above.

Risks of Diversification 

  1. Diminished Returns: Over-diversifying can lead to average or below-average performance. When too many stocks are added, the potential for exceptional returns from top-performing stocks is diluted.
  2. Complexity: Managing a large number of assets increases the risk of errors and oversight. This complexity can lead to inefficient portfolio management.
  3. Costs: More stocks often mean more transaction fees, which can reduce net returns. The costs associated with trading and managing a large portfolio can add up significantly.
  4. Lack of Focus: Diversification can dilute the impact of top-performing stocks. By spreading investments too thin, the portfolio may not capitalize on the best opportunities.
  5. Overconfidence: A diversified portfolio may lead to a false sense of security, reducing vigilance. Investors might become complacent, thinking their portfolio is safer than it actually is.

Concentrated Investing: A New Approach

Determining the optimal number of stocks in a portfolio is not a one-size-fits-all decision. It depends on the investor’s risk tolerance, market knowledge, and investment goals. Diversification reduces risk but can dilute returns if overdone. While concentration can lead to higher returns, it also increases risk.

Concentrated Investing: Historical Perspectiv

Prominent investors believe in holding fewer, stronger stocks for longer periods to mitigate risk and amplify returns. However, this approach also means that poor performance of one or two stocks can significantly impact the portfolio. The concept of concentrated investing has roots in the thoughts of prominent economists and investors:


  1. John Maynard Keynes: Advocated for investing in a few enterprises one knows thoroughly and believes in strongly. He argued that spreading investments too thinly increases risk due to a lack of in-depth knowledge about each enterprise.
  2. Benjamin Graham: Emphasized the importance of thorough analysis and understanding of investments.
  3. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger: Their investment philosophy at Berkshire Hathaway exemplifies concentration. As of May 2023, 63% of Berkshire Hathaway’s $333.4 billion portfolio consisted of just 3 stocks.

Research on Concentrated Investing

Some fund managers consider a portfolio of 25-35 stocks as 'concentrated,' others believe 10-20 stocks is sufficient. Conversely, portfolios with more than 45-50 stocks are often seen as over-diversified. A 2016 study published by John Wiley & Sons analyzed average returns of portfolios containing between 10 and 250 stocks, randomly selected from the S&P 500 index. The study found that portfolios with 250 stocks closely matched the performance of the S&P 500 equal-weight index, suggesting lower volatility and a narrower range of returns. In contrast, 10-stock portfolios had a broader range of returns, indicating higher potential for both gains and losses. This suggests that while diversification reduces risk, there is a point where adding more stocks no longer enhances returns and may detract from performance.

Benefits of Investing in Alpha Prime Smallcase

At Wright Research, the philosophy is rooted in the belief that markets are inherently dynamic. Fast-changing macroeconomic factors, geopolitical climates, and regulatory policies can trigger abrupt shifts in market behavior. To navigate these complexities, Alpha Prime Smallcase uses predictive machine learning models and AI technology. By combining fast-moving macroeconomic variables and technical indicators, Wright predicts future market events with high accuracy. This enables Wright to dynamically adapt its investment strategies. Here are some benefits of investing in Alpha Prime Smallcase:

High-Risk High Return Potential Strategy:

The concentrated momentum strategy of Alpha Prime Portfolio targets an aggressive, high risk high return strategy by focusing on a few high-performing stocks. This approach offers the potential for higher gains, which can significantly outweigh the associated risks if the selected stocks perform well.

Dynamic and Adaptive Strategy:

Utilizing predictive models and AI technology, Alpha Prime Smallcase continuously adapts to changing market dynamics. This proactive adjustment helps in capturing emerging opportunities and managing risks effectively.

Strong Earnings Momentum:

Each stock in the Alpha Prime portfolio is chosen based on strong earnings momentum, ensuring that the portfolio comprises stocks with robust growth potential. This focus on fundamentals and trending opportunities enhances the likelihood of achieving high returns.

Ideal for Bull Markets:

Alpha Prime Portfolio is designed to thrive in bull markets, making it an excellent choice for investors looking to capitalize on upward market trends. The portfolio’s concentrated nature allows it to fully exploit positive market conditions for maximum gains.

Expert Active Management:

Actively managed by Wright Research, a leader in quantitative investment strategies, Alpha Prime Portfolio benefits from expert oversight and advanced technological tools. This expertise ensures that the portfolio is well-positioned to achieve its high-risk, high-reward objectives.

Combining Risk Management with High Trend Investing:

While the portfolio is concentrated and aggressive, it also incorporates robust risk management techniques. This approach ensures that while aiming for high returns, the capital is also protected against potential market downturns.

How a Concentrated Portfolio such as Alpha Prime is Made

The potential to generate alpha in Wright’s Alpha Prime strategy comes from a blend of expert portfolio design, experienced investment management, sophisticated quantitative models, and the use of AI technology for advanced market forecasting. Wright consciously forego certain diversification benefits to unlock higher potential returns for investors. The following components form the core of Wright’s investment universe:

Rigorous Market Analysis, Stock Screening and Selection Process:

The process begins with a thorough market analysis using sophisticated quantitative models. Wright Research identifies 10 stocks from the top 500 companies, focusing on those with the highest momentum and best growth prospects. This rigorous selection process involves comprehensive analysis and evaluation to ensure that only the best-performing stocks make it into the Alpha Prime portfolio.


The primary focus is on high momentum stocks that exhibit strong upward trends. These stocks are chosen for their potential to deliver higher returns, leveraging the market's natural momentum to maximize gains.


Selected stocks are added to the portfolio, ensuring a balanced representation of high-performing sectors. This ensures even in a concentrated portfolio such as Alpha Prime, it is diversified across sectors to prevent excess risk from over allocation. Each stock is weighted to optimize the portfolio's reward-to-risk ratio, considering factors like earnings momentum, valuation, and market conditions.

Use of AI Technology For Forecasting Market Changes:

Advanced AI technology plays a crucial role in Wright’s strategy. Wright uses AI to identify market trends, anticipate market shifts, and adjust the portfolio strategy accordingly. By analyzing macroeconomic variables and technical indicators, Wright predict future market events with high accuracy, which informs the stock selection and portfolio adjustments. This enables Wright to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing market conditions dynamically.

Risk Management & Risk Optimization:

Risk management is an ongoing process. Alpha Prime uses advanced risk optimization techniques to maintain the portfolio's balance, ensuring that it can withstand market volatility while aiming for high returns. Balancing the reward-to-risk ratio is vital. This involves careful analysis and strategic adjustments to mitigate potential downsides.

Diversification in a Concentrated Portfolio:

While Alpha Prime is a concentrated portfolio, it ensures diversification by not overly relying on any single stock or sector. This approach helps in spreading risk and enhancing the potential for returns across different market segments.

Systematic Deallocation in High-Risk Market Scenarios:

The portfolio is continuously monitored. AI systems and investment managers work in tandem to track market developments and make necessary adjustments. This includes reallocating assets and deallocating from high-risk positions as market conditions change.


In high-risk market scenarios, Alpha Prime systematically deallocates from riskier positions and moves to safer assets such as bonds, cash, ETF, gold etc. This proactive approach helps in protecting the portfolio from significant losses and ensures that Alpha Prime Smallcase is well-positioned to capitalize on market recoveries.

Why Invest in Concentrated Portfolios Such as Alpha Prime?

Holding fewer stocks comes with its own set of challenges and anxieties. As shown in various studies, returns can vary widely in concentrated portfolios. Conversely, adding too many stocks can drag down the portfolio’s performance. Concentrated portfolios are a useful approach for savvy investors who can conduct their own research, discern between potential winners and losers, and take calculated risks.


For retail investors who lack the time or expertise to research thoroughly, concentration could present an unacceptable level of risk if undertaken independently. Starting with mutual funds and concentrating on a select few, rather than holding six or more, can be a better approach. Most mutual funds already provide sufficient diversification, and having a few can cushion the portfolio, provided there is minimal overlap between the constituents or sectors the fund has invested in. For equities, consider a few equity baskets or smallcases that cater to specific goals. Additionally, exploring a few concentrated portfolios, if one has the risk appetite, could help boost overall portfolio performance.





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