Friends From College(Netflix) Review

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The teaser & trailer of the show looked so enticing, we were dying to know how good the show really was. It did help that Fred Savage of The Wonder Years fame & Cobie Smulders of HIMYM fame were part of the cast. But what really got us hooked was that the title. We were expecting a TV version of the tried & tested formula of “grown ups” meeting up years after graduating from college. I expected this show to make me miss my friends from college who have since gone their seperate ways.

Whatever preconceived notions you have of the show, will be shattered in the first episode itself. This group of friends in this show is unlike any group that you have been a part of. Luckily the show is not the TV adaptation of Grown Ups franchise. There maybe some scenes which remind you of the movie, but not in entirety. While I expected the show to make me laugh & have a dose of drama, I am sorry to inform you that comedy is not the show’s forte. But what it lacks in comedy, it makes up with a brilliant script & drama. It is probably the first time I saw Fred Savage & Cobie Smulders after their aforementioned shows. Cobie Smulders character of Lisa turner is poles apart from Robin Scherbatsky. She does look convincing in this show though. A few episodes & you will accept her in her current role & forget Robin Scherbatsky. Marianne (Jae Suh Park) & Nick (Nat Faxon) have less screen time as compared to the others. Fred Savage looks confident & is convincing in his role as a gay literary agent. It is Sam’s(Annie Parisse) character which will keep you intrigued. Her character added the much required spice in the show.

The 8 episodes were fun to watch & kept us entertained throughout. We wish the makers got their jokes right. Having said that, we are eagerly awaiting the next season.

Our Rating: ****/5


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