Top 10 PUBG Mobile Streamers In India In 2022


As 'PUBG Mobile' prepares to make a comeback in the Indian gaming industry, The Second Angle has compiled a list of the top ten PUBG Mobile streamers in India. The names on the list were chosen based on their video views, subscriptions to their channels, fan base, and PUBG competition records. Continue reading!


pubg mobile streamers

Naman Mathur, often known as 'Mortal' or 'Soul Mortal,' is the first name that springs to mind when you think of PUBG in India. Mortal has always been involved in eSports and competitive gaming, but he rose to prominence after the debut of PUBG in India. He won the 2019 PMCO India (PUBG Mobile Club Open) with his team 'Soul,' and has represented India in several eSports contests on both continental and international stages. Mortal also streams his games on his YouTube channel, and he does so with a sense of humour. His stream is lighthearted and family-friendly, and he avoids swearing. Mortal has surpassed 100k views engaged on his live streams several times, and he has once surpassed 300k live viewers.


8bit Mamba

Tanmay Singh, a.k.a. Scout, is a PUBG eSports player and streamer. He currently has over 3.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, where he routinely uploads game-related videos and streams live gameplay. He nailed the PUBG gameplay and garnered a lot of praise from fans of the game. He is one of the top players to look up to if you want to grasp the game's dynamics. Due to his extreme investment in the game, his live streams are a touch rough and non-family friendly. Scout is regarded as a dedicated eSports player due to his intense concentration while playing.


pubg mobile streamers

Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati, is a well-known YouTube personality in India. He has a huge following among the youth thanks to the stuff he makes, with 26.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, the most of any individual producer in India. He has almost 8 million subscribers on his other channel, 'CarryIsLive,' which is dedicated to gaming live streams. He streams a variety of games, including PUBG, with a casual and lighthearted slant. He may not be the most skilled player, but he is undoubtedly the most entertaining to watch.


8bit Mamba

Aditya Deepak Sawant, better known as Dynamo Gaming, is India's most popular PUBG Mobile streamer. Dynamo is not an eSports player, but his abilities should not be underestimated. With the distinctive 'Headshot' precision in the game, Dynamo, the owner of Hydra clan, has a large fanbase within the Indian gaming community. His YouTube account has 8.86 million subscribers, which is the largest for an Indian gamer. Dynamo used to play the battle royale game using an emulator, but owing to various complications, he now plays on his phone.


8bit Mamba

Regaltos, also known as Parv Singh, is a well-known PUBG Mobile player. He is an eSports professional player and streamer. He is a member of Team Soul with Mortal and is regarded as one of the strongest assaulters in the game due to his lightning fast reaction speed. He is one of the most well-known Indian gamers in the community. He has 1.75 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, 'SOUL Regaltos,' where he streams his games.

6. 8Bit MAMBA

pubg mobile streamers

8Bit Mamba, often known as Salman Ahmad is a PUBG Mobile streamer who used to be a professional eSports player. He is one of India's greatest and most consistent streamers, streaming every day on his YouTube account. His gameplay is a perfect balance of skill and enjoyment. Mamba's in-game strategies are as fluid as his punching humour throughout the stream. He previously played for Team Hydra and is now a member of the 8-bit clan. His YouTube account has 866k subscribers, and people enjoy watching his streams for the combination of in-game talents and hilarity.


8bit Mamba

Rawknee, a.k.a. Rony Dasgupta, is a YouTuber and content creator who is a contemporary of Carry Minati. On his gaming channel, 'The Rawknee Games,' he streams PUBG Mobile and other games. His gameplay is a lot of fun to watch, and there are a lot of laughs throughout. Rawknee has a laid-back and laid-back attitude to his games, with slow humourous punches that will make you laugh throughout the broadcast. On his gaming channel, he has 2.15 million subscribers and his streams have a significant amount of participation.


8bit Mamba

Kronten a.k.a. Chetan Chandgude is a Maharashtra-based eSports player and PUBG Mobile streamer. He began by playing on an emulator, but then switched to mobile gaming, which he rapidly mastered. GodL is his clan, and it is also an eSports organisation. Kronten spends the most of his time with his eSports team, which he broadcasts on YouTube. On his YouTube channel, he has over 2 million subscribers.

9. Soul VIPER

Soul Viper

Yash Soni, also known as Viper, is one of the finest PUBG Mobile gamers in India. He is a professional eSports player that streams gameplay on his YouTube account. Viper has been a key member of the PMIS 2019 and PMCO 2019 Winner Team 'Soul,' alongside Mortal. He had previously played a variety of games before discovering PUBG, and he has now become a notable name associated with the game in India. He has 1.09 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, 'SOUL VipeR,' where he routinely streams his gaming.

10. 8Bit Thug

8Bit Thug Animesh Net Worth

8-bit Thug, also known as Animesh Agrawal, was one of the first in India to master the game of PUBG Mobile. He is an eSports professional player and streamer. He co-owns the S8UL organisation and is the founder of the famed team 8-Bit. He advanced to the finals of the PMSC (PUBG Mobile Star Challenge), the first major PUBG Mobile international event hosted in Dubai, with his team 8-Bit. In the Indian gaming sector, Thug is well-known. His YouTube account, where he streams games, has more than 728k subscribers. During his streams, Thug frequently hosts interesting freebies.




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