Guess Who – Actress Created Hoax About Her Action Scenes

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Cineblitz has published a blind item about an actress who has been creating a hoax about doing her action scenes herself, despite hiring a stunt double.

This is the second blind item published about this actress & her action scenes for an upcoming sports movie. We wonder why the actress is trying to hide the fact that she has been using a stunt double. She & her sister have been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. They have been passing remarks on every celeb they can think of, especially those from a certain producer-director's coterie.

This actress is certainly the most hated celebrity in bollywood right now. Although we wonder why she never messes with one of her married exes. They were dating for quite sometime. But she never mentions him. It is rumored that his ex & his superstar wife had a huge fight several years back because of his closeness to this actress.

Blind Item:

While many celebrities in Bollywood like to do their own stunts, many feel that their body doubles can do a better job at it. These celebs have openly admitted the fact that they use a body double, and have talked about how such scenes are shot. But this particular actress seems to take the credit for that as well, even when she never did her own stunts in the first place.

Yes, it is learned that the actress in talks has been claiming to perform all her stunts in her upcoming sports movie on her own, but that is not really the truth. She has been using a body double all this while, and has been creating a hoax that she shot all the scenes herself. Her prep videos have also made the rounds, but this is just a deception that she has created for the people to believe that she is an all-rounder who can do her own stunts.

Want to know who this lady is? Well, let’s give you a hint. Her last film was a big success at the Box Office.

Our Guess: Actress: Kangana Ranaut


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