Guess Who – Actress Pays The Price For Rejecting A Movie

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Cineblitz published this blind item about this actress who rejected a big budget film and is now repenting.

Only two film old, this beauty has failed to leave a mark in the movies as of yet. In her debut film, she had an almost negligible role and her second film didn’t have much for her to do,although she got a chance to star opposite her alleged boyfriend. Her good looks and her
dancing skills however made her a favourite among many. The film she rejected stars a
superstar actor along with four female leads. She was super excited to work with the director
and the actor so early in her career but chose to opt out of the film because she thought her role was quite insignificant. Also the fact that she will have to share screen time with three other female leads bothered her.The movie is to be a first of its kind in India. The actor however told the media that she was never approached.Now she is in a state of dilemma!

If her Instagram following is anything to go by, she is here to stay. The money spent on some cosmetic procedures must have paid for themselves several times over. She is favorite among youth brands & must be paid handsomely to promote their brands. We loved the fact that she put her BF in his place when he was being rude to airport staff when there were no cameras around. Her BF’s good boy image is totally fake. Truth is that he is very ride to people when there are no cameras around.

Blind Item

This actress rejected an A-lister’s film and is now begging for another!
The actress will next be seen in a big-budget film. Film fraternity is all about giving and taking! An actor gives their time and soul to a movie and the filmmakers put their trust in them. But despite this safe barter, sometimes things don’t work as planned and this ends up creating issues between them. Something on very similar grounds happened recently, with an A-list actress who is now left with no choice but to plead for a role in an upcoming film.
The actress landed in this situation when she opted out of a big budget film with an A-lister.

While the actor was over the issue, it looks like the actress is in a lot more trouble than she magined. The actor is a part of another upcoming movie which is going to be announced soonband the actress wanted to be a part of that film. But because of her history of opting out of a film earlier, the producer of the film straightaway said NO. This actress even asked a fellow friend to request the makers to cast her for the lead role, but it looks like no amount of pleading helped her bag the role. Sigh!

Our Guess:
Actress- Disha Patani
Movie- Mangalyaan


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