Guess Who: Another Superstar Likely To Sign Remake

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about another superstar signing up for the remake of a hit film, after the original choice dropped out of it.

The original film was a critical & commercial success. The original choice for the lead role, is going through a good phase professionally. Both his movies which released this year have been big hits. Taking this remake project which is being directed by a top director & produced by another top filmmaker would have been a safe choice. But the superstar thought otherwise.

If the other superstar mentioned in the blind item indeed does take up the project, the makers will have no reason to worry. The other superstar after all has great comic timing & has had a 100% track record at the box office this year. No mean feat, considering that he has starred in 4 films this year alone.

The female star of the movie although must be anxious. Her husband’s colleagues are fed up of her interference & want her to stay away!

Blind Item

Bollywood has not yet cracked the recipe to a perfect sequel or remake. At times, it can do wonders for those involved but from what we have witnessed in the past, most of the times it tanks massively at the box office. Turns out, this Bollywood superstar, who has seen a great run at the box office in 2019, thinks the latter could be true.

A little birdie tells us after he turned down the script of a remake of a popular ’80s film, the makers have now approached another superstar who has been a part of a successful and superhit franchise.

The insider revealed to Pinkvilla that the actor has heard the script narration and seems to be quite positive about the film. He, however, has not signed the dotted line given his ungodly hours and packed schedule that keeps him busy. But if all goes well, the star may soon be on board and the film may begin rolling next year.

Coming to the previous superstar, who turned down the script, looks like it wasn’t his decision entirely. One of the senior family members seems to have not liked the remake script of the superhit film. Well, we ourselves are not entirely sure if this movie should remain untouched or no.

Our Guess

Superstar: Hrithik Roshan

Another Superstar: Akshay Kumar

Family Member: Rakesh Roshan


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