Guess Who: Bollywood Is Frowning Upon This Actress

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about Bollywood frowning upon a has been actress for her ignorance.

After a moderately successful career in the movies, this actress gained international fame after winning a reality show. She then started an affair with a married man, which led to him divorcing his pregnant wife & marrying her. The husband bought her a plush bungalow in an expensive locality in India, where they now stay. But what few people know is that it is a proverbial house of cards.

The husband as expected continues to cheat in his second marriage. They have two kids together. The actress & her mom want him to write off all his wealth to those two kids in his will. They want his first wife & kid to have nothing! All his wealth is acquired through shady means. His underworld & shady political links came to the fore recently. Sources claim that the authorities are collecting dirt on him & he can get arrested any day.

His businesses too are losing money. All his ventures he got into with other Bollywood celebs, including his wife’s ex-BF were flops. He probably wants to make money through social media & is investing lots of time into it.

But what amuses me is that a community of millionaires who dance at weddings for a fee & or sleep for a price are taking pot-shots at someone who wants to make money by posting videos on social media. That’s rich!

Blind Item

A ‘has-been’ female star is reportedly the subject of discussion in many a Bollywood WhatsApp group since the beginning of the lockdown. Many insiders have frowned at the actress’ “continuing lack of any sensitivity” for the manner in which she has “exploited this time” by posting a steady stream of cheery TikTok videos with her spouse and other assorted family members “as if practically oblivious to what is going on in the world—and our own backyards”.

The same actress was earlier slammed for posting videos of cooking fancy desserts in her kitchen while stories of migrants suffering from starvation had dominated the news. Her colleagues have noted that “if you were to look at her timeline you wouldn’t get any hint that there’s a global pandemic going on in the world”.

Our Guess

Female Star: Shilpa Shetty

Spouse: Raj Kundra

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