Guess Who: Cricketer Likely To Become An Actor

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a cricketer who is on the verge of signing a few movies.

Cricketers tend to not be camera shy owing to the huge number of ad shoots they do during the prime of their careers. Some of them are not only blessed with talent on the cricket field, but with good looks as well. Given the huge amount of adulation that cricketers receive, it is natural for the good looking ones to flirt with an acting career post retirement from cricket.

While a lot of cricketers are womanizers, get into match fixing we have to admit that our cricketers are much more elegant, admirable vis-a-vis our movie stars. After having followed movie stars closely for several years, we have lost the enthusiasm to run after them for selfies or autographs. Barring one or two movie stars, none of them are genuine or worthy of our respect. But we would happily run after a cricketer or any sportsperson for a selfie or an autograph – they are worth it!

The blind item speaks about a retired cricketer, who has married an actress. While two cricketers fit the bill, we think it is the cricketer with the annoying father. This cricketer’s father too played cricket & then went on to act in regional movies(including one hindi biopic). While we loved this cricketer who played a pivotal role in the 2011 world cup, we hated his father. His father publicly attacked the captain for not including his son in the team. This despite his son being unfit & failing the yoyo test.

There were rumors of this cricketer’s marriage with the actress being in trouble. But looks like the issues have been sorted. They were rumored to be trying to grow their family. The cricketer’s ex-GF too is rumored to be trying to get close to him again!

Blind Item

THIS young cricketer who married a former actor and retired a tad too early is on the verge of an announcement. We hear he wants to refashion his career as an actor and has been offered a couple of scripts to read. One of them is by a famous female director who has conjured the role of a cop for him. The former cricketer is hoping to sign on one or two dotted lines soon. Oh well, there’s also a post-sports political career, but that possibly involves a serious amount of acting.

Our Guess

Young Cricketer: Yuvraj Singh

Actor: Hazel Keech


Young Cricketer: Zaheer Khan

Actor: Sagarika Ghatge


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  • September 25, 2019 at 2:11 pm

    Is The Opinionated Indian my long lost illegitimate family that I’ve been “searching for” years? Hell, I’m gonna purchase 6 NFL throwback jerseys from the NFL Shopping website because they just like India’s cricketers are worth the praise.


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