Guess Who – Hero’s Next Move

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a top star who is contemplating his next move after his upcoming movie got stalled.

This celeb has had a great year. Not only have both his movies done well, even his sister is back home. Her sister had gone public with her discontent against her father & brother. She did the unthinkable act of siding with her brother’s arch rival. His father too has successfully managed to fight cancer. All is well that ends well.

The huge success has led to a lot of female attention. Not that he is not used to female attention. He after all is renowned for his greek god good looks. A lot of actresses have been eyeing him. We were shocked that a top actress chose a newcomer instead of him. Maybe it was this actor who was not keen on dating the troubled actress. Meanwhile another actress – a married one, has been showering him with attention. Her PR claims it is to make her husband jealous!

Blind Item

THIS well-known actor seems to have landed on his feet in 2019, after a tumultuous time at the box office and a choppy personal life a few years prior.

However, all is not smooth sailing as yet. One of his most talked about upcoming films has run into a little rough weather thanks to a premature media blitz. Our hero is now looking for a quickfix formula for the next move. We hear he and a producer friend have been binge watching South Indian films, hoping to cash in on a remake, lest he ends 2020 with no film releases

Our Guess

Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Upcoming Films: Satte Pe Satta Remake

Producer Friend: Ashutosh Gowariker?


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