Guess Who: Legal Battle Over Rights Of Superstar’s Movie

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The rights over a movie’s story starring a superstar has led to legal issues.

As per the blind item published in a tabloid, a top superstar’s movie has run into legal trouble over its story rights. The story was sold to another producer down south as well & he now wants a part of the earnings. The superstar’s producers had to sell the movie to a streamer to cut their losses. Now with this new development, they will have to part with their meager earnings.

The superstar in question has been having a tough time. Just last week the nation’s ruling party accused him of hobnobbing with a businessman with links to the ISI. All his sucking up to the powers that be went to naught. Now comes news of his movie’s story rights coming under question. As he is entitled to a share of the profits, even his cut will go down. Anybody who knows him will tell you that he loves his money.

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