Guess Who: The Pandit Clause

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actor who has put in a weird clause related to his pandit’s suggestions in his contract.

It is sad to see Pinkvilla getting reduced to a PR portal. Any PR agency which needs to promote its celebs needs to only mail Pinkvilla some quirky info or a fake rumor about their linkup. Pinkvilla always seems to be happy to oblige. In this case too Pinkvilla seems to have been given information about this newbie star kid. He is just one film old, but several blind items about his superstitious ways have been published by Pinkvilla. This is the case with other platforms like Mumbai Mirror as well.

But then fans of bollywood celebs don’t seem to really mind. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Meanwhile we wonder what is up with the actor’s father who was jailed recently. Must have been a stressful time for him & his family. His father probably needs luck more badly as compared to him. Going by his interviews, his family is loaded. We have to admit that he comes across as a humble, well behaved actor.

Blind Item

Bollywood is known for some really weird demands that sometimes actors and filmmakers place to the team. But nothing can surprise you as much as this story that we recently heard. It’s about this one-film old actor, who stunned everyone with his performance in his debut movie last year. The actor belongs to a filmy family and has a star mother who had become an overnight sensation after her first film, opposite a current superstar.

The actor is doing really well and has been signed on for bigger films. His first film was a rather unconventional actioner that had a more niche audience reach. His next is a fun commercial romcom and we hear that the makers were stunned by a certain clause in his contract. Apparently, he swears by his family pandit who not only decides what he should be wearing but also tells him when he should be signing his contracts, how much money he should be charging (because it has to add up to a certain figure).

But now, he has decided to put it as a clause in his contract. Yes, he talks to his pandit who also makes it a point to tell him that he can’t wear certain colours throughout the filming of his projects. So there’s a special point that his contract carries which mentions the colours of clothes he would be wearing during the shoot. Unbelievable, isn’t it?.

Our Guess

Actor: Abhimanyu Dasani


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