Guess Who: This Actress Is Hoping To Bag A Wealthy Husband

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This out of work actress is hoping to bag a wealthy husband

As per a tabloid, an actress who has been out of work for almost a decade has been dating a series of wealthy men. She is hoping that one among them will propose marriage & she might get to retire as a wealthy socialite. Unlike other dimwit Bollywood celebs, this one always has a backup plan. She has recently launched a new business venture. While she has not tasted success either in her personal or professional life for the longest time, the tabloid hopes that she will succeed soon.

She is very well educated & comes from a well-to-do family. But the stupendous success of her first two films led to arrogance. She then went on to claim that her parents siphoned off her money. She claims that her parents never let her touch all the money she earned & made her live on a pittance. When she rebelled & dated men her parents didn’t approve of, they threw her out of their house.

Sadly for her, by then her Bollywood career was finished. There have been rumors of her indulging in shady activities. How else can she finance her extravagant lifestyle when she has no career in Bollywood & all her business ventures are flopping, is what people want to know.

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