Guess Who: This Actress’ Song Was Almost Eliminated

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Cineblitz has published a blind item about an actress’ special song which was almost eliminated from the movie.

This actress has been subject of two blind items today. This one seems a fake blind item planted by none other than GayJo. Aren’t we all tired of his fake blind items? But sadly people continue to fall for it. Just like people fell for his fake linkups between actors who he are working on his various projects. It was funny how a south indian actor spilled the beans about his fake linkups on his chat show.

But we are happy for the actress who is an outsider but still made a mark in the big bad world of bollywood. She has managed to star in another hit. This will definitely help in cementing her position in bollywood.

Blind Item

This young actress has been the talk of the town for a while now. Her past few offerings have been enjoyed by the audience and seeing her forthcoming projects, we can only say she is on the right track. But this progress hasn’t yet proved to be helpful when it comes to her cameo in big budget films. Yes, you heard it right. The actress was supposed to feature in a special number in a big budget film which is about to release but the odds were that the team of the film was planning to chop the song.

The reason given by the film camp was that the film’s duration is too long for the song to fit in. The actress felt down and went to her mentor to ask for help. Her mentor who is also a part of the film then convinced the team that a song won’t affect the length of the film anyway and they should keep it. That’s when they released the song after much delay but still chopped it to two and a half minutes.

Our Guess
Young Actress: Kriti Sanon
Big Budget Film: Kalank


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