Guess Who: This Star Has Been Asked To Hit The Treadmill

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This young star has been asked by his filmmakers to hit the treadmill.

As per a tabloid, Hindi cinema’s obsession with muscular physiques may have reduced over the past few years. Most celebs are fitness conscious & alter their weight/look as per the demands of the role they are playing. It comes as a surprise that this lean actor has been asked to get a more muscular look or face being dropped from the project. Another young star has been asked to hit the treadmill & lose the weight he has put on thanks to the pandemic induced lockdown. These actors should probably consider mentioning their ability to change shape in their resumes.

While we are not really sure about the lean actor the blind is talking about, we think it is about the actor who has starred in a slew of hits in the past couple of years. He will next be seen in a movie in which he plays a cross-functional athlete. Other lean celebs don’t have roles wherein they will be expected to lose their shirt.

The young star who is asked to hit the treadmill is the rising star who has starred in several rom-com hits. His last movie opposite his real-life beau was a disaster. Fans have been messaging us asking whether they are still together, but none of the sources were able to confirm. Many are wondering whether there is truth to rumors of his linkup with another star kid.

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