Guess Who(Hollywood) – This A-list Actor Embarrassed Himself

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Crazydaysandnights has published a blind item about an A-list actor who embarrassed himself, by getting drunk & handsy with a woman.

One might think hollywood celebs must be a sophisticated lot, who know to hold their drink. But they seem to make a fool of themselves by getting drunk at parties. The celeb mentioned in the blind item made it big at the age of 37! He was the star of a hit TV show, which was an emmy award favorite. Sadly his success on TV, did not lead to success in the movies. If rumors are to be believed he is an alcoholic womanizer, even in real life – much like his award winning character of the hit show. He is rumored to have been hooking up with a good looking comic lately. He is rumored to have slept with the GF of a big movie star. He is also rumored to have slept with his co-star from the hit drama, which made him famous. He was in rehab recently, but it looks like it was money down the drain.

Blind Item

This A- list dual threat actor who does better in television and is someone all of you know embarrassed himself last night at a party by getting way too drunk and then handsy with the wrong woman.

Our Guess

Actor: Jon Hamm



2 thoughts on “Guess Who(Hollywood) – This A-list Actor Embarrassed Himself

  • January 6, 2020 at 7:06 pm

    I think y’all should have a separate website covering exclusively Hollywood blind items & gossip. Just a suggestion because I’m interested to know not that I care because I stopped caring back in April 2019.

    • January 7, 2020 at 10:41 am



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