Top 7 Fitness Bloggers In India In 2023

9 Best Fitness Bloggers In India For 2023
9 Best Fitness Bloggers In India For 2023


Fitness has become an integral part of our lives, and finding reliable sources for health and well-being information is essential. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, fitness blogs are a treasure trove of motivation, guidance, and knowledge. In India, several fitness bloggers have made significant strides in the health and wellness space. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 9 fitness bloggers in India for 2023, in no particular order. These bloggers have dedicated themselves to sharing valuable insights and inspiring others to lead healthier lives.


1. Neha Gosh - "Put That Cheeseburger Down" 

Neha Gosh's blog, "Put That Cheeseburger Down," is a holistic approach to wellness. Her blog encompasses various aspects of health, including mental health, holistic healing, mindful eating, movement, health videos, and recommendations for mindful products. Neha encourages her readers to embrace an overall lifestyle change, providing informative content in a simple and easily understandable manner. Her blog also addresses frequently asked questions about health, ensuring that every piece of information is relevant and useful.

2. Ashwani Naik - "Fit Be Well"

Ashwani Naik, a former corporate software trainer and a passionate yoga and fitness enthusiast, believes that fitness is not as complicated as it may seem. Her blog, "Fit Be Well," covers a wide range of topics, including fitness, lifestyle, mental health, yoga, women's health, weight loss, and parenting. Ashwani's "Inspiration Corner" features news and articles related to fitness. She aims to simplify fitness and make it accessible to all, emphasizing that everyone can lead a healthy life with the right guidance.

3. Anjali Shah - "Picky Eater"

About Me - The Picky Eater

Anjali Shah, a board-certified health coach, nutritionist, author, and food lover, is the creative mind behind "Picky Eater." Her blog promotes healthy eating habits and has gained recognition from publications such as The Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, Buzzfeed, Glamour, Women's Health, CNN, and Shape. "Picky Eater" offers a wealth of healthy recipes to incorporate into your diet, along with tips for healthy living. Anjali also provides valuable insights into maintaining a nutritious diet for children, making it a valuable resource for parents.

4. Swati - "Perfect Skincare for You" 

Swati, a skincare enthusiast and advocate for healthy hair, is the driving force behind "Perfect Skincare for You." Her blog is a go-to destination for product reviews, skincare tips, hair care, weight loss advice, body detoxification, and women's health topics. Swati's preference for brands that use organic ingredients ensures that her readers receive reliable product recommendations. "Perfect Skincare for You" also offers readers insight into Swati's personal journey through her books, hair diary, and skin diary.

5. Kanan - "Fitness Vs. Weight Loss" 

Kanan's journey toward a healthier lifestyle inspired her to create "Fitness Vs. Weight Loss." Her goal was to establish a fitness blog where readers could find a comprehensive collection of fitness-related articles. To enhance the quality of her content, Kanan pursued a nutrition course and became a certified meal planner. "Fitness Vs. Weight Loss" provides free weight loss challenges, weight loss recipes, and inspiring weight loss success stories. Additionally, readers can join the #WB program for a customized walk plan, meal plan, and weight loss program.

6. Kishore Kumar - "Zigverve" 

Kishore Kumar is a health blogger dedicated to providing refreshing and engaging health-related content. His blog, "Zigverve," covers a wide range of health, fitness, and lifestyle topics, including beauty, fashion, and more. Whether you're interested in ENT health, career guidance, parenting tips, fitness, finance, or food and drinks, "Zigverve" has articles to cater to your interests. Kishore Kumar encourages readers to suggest topics for his blog, ensuring that the content remains relevant and useful.

7. Dr. Payal Banka - "Diet Burrp"

Dr. Payal Banka, a registered dietitian and nutritionist with an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management, is a seasoned expert in the field of health and nutrition. She has contributed articles to esteemed publications such as The Times of India, Indian Express, and the Bangalore Mirror, and has hosted health-related shows on Radio Mirchi. Before launching her blog, she served as a dietitian and content writer for Life Mojo. "Diet Burrp" offers a wealth of information on weight loss, fitness, nutrition, exercises, diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, beauty tips, recipes, and personalized diet plans. Readers can also access ebooks and consultation services.

8. Tanvi - "Gyan Unlimited"

Tanvi's passion for promoting alternative medicine, including Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Siddha, Homeopathy, and home remedies, led her to create "Gyan Unlimited." This blog serves as a hub for alternative medicine and holistic health research, focusing on traditional solutions for various health issues. Readers can explore articles on personal hair and skin care, healthy eating, weight loss, home remedies, celebrity fitness, and alternative medicine. Tanvi's blog caters to those seeking holistic health solutions and natural remedies.

9. Akshay and Arushi - "Fitpass Blog" 

Akshay and Arushi initiated "Fitpass Blog" with a vision to make fitness more accessible to people. Recognizing that the upfront payment for an annual gym membership can be a barrier to fitness, they aimed to inspire individuals to incorporate fitness into their daily routines. The blog covers a diverse range of health topics, including workouts, meditation, weight loss, mother's health, diet and nutrition, yoga, wellness, and success stories. For those seeking guidance and motivation to lead a healthier life, "Fitpass Blog" is an invaluable resource.


How Do Fitness Bloggers Earn Their Money?

  1. Affiliate Commission: Fitness bloggers often earn money through affiliate marketing programs. By promoting fitness-related products and services and earning a commission for each sale made through their affiliate links, bloggers can generate income effortlessly.

  2. Educational Programs: Many fitness bloggers offer educational programs, including workout plans, health coaching, meditation guides, and stress management programs. These programs not only spread awareness about fitness but also generate revenue.

  3. Nutrition Plans and eBooks: Fitness bloggers create and sell nutrition plans and eBooks focused on health and wellness, providing their readers with valuable resources and generating income in the process.

  4. Advertisements: As fitness blogs gain traffic and popularity, bloggers can earn revenue through advertisements displayed on their websites. They can also use ads to promote affiliate products or their fitness-related products.

In conclusion, the world of fitness blogging in India is vibrant and filled with dedicated individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge and experiences to inspire healthier lifestyles. These bloggers offer valuable insights, expert advice, and practical tips to help readers achieve their fitness goals. Whether you're interested in nutrition, workouts, yoga, or holistic health, the blogs mentioned above provide a wealth of information to guide you on your fitness journey in 2023.






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