How To Find Social Activity Spots To Interact With People In Your City

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Relocating to a new home in a new city could be exciting and terrifying at the same time, but it could be quite a daunting experience for you. You will not have much idea about the city/locality, day to day activities & events happening there, hangout places, etc. Moreover, there are many different states in India, and each state has its own language, culture, customs, food habits, and many more.

To meet new people nearby, you will have to go out & explore your locality, visit events, clubs, etc. Make it more enjoyable by finding places based on your self-interests, hobbies, and activities. First, start meeting the person you already know. This will make you feel comfortable and gives you the confidence to begin some conversation with other people as well.

Find out some ideas given in the list below to meet new people and make friends at new places or any social events in your new city.

Here is the List of social activity options in a metro city

Indulge in physical activities

Engage in a physically active event to get social and stay fit simultaneously.

  • Gym: Join a special exercise training class at your gym to find new friends and build your muscles. Thus, find and join popular gyms in your city such as Gold’s Gym, Snap Fitness, Fitness One, Viva Fitness Centre, Fitness First, etc.
  • To join the dance center during the later stages, you no need to be a professional dancer. This is one of the best methods to discover new friends and to get involved in the type of dance you like. Try to perform some dance practices outside your dance coaching center or at social places such as bars or clubs. In your city, you can get some top dance training schools like Latin Dance India, Delhi Dance Academy, Veve Dance, ITA school of Arts,
  • Running: Beginners and experienced runners can enjoy the benefits of meeting the runner network by using a few apps like Strava, Mapmyrun, Nike+ Run Club, Runkeeper, PumaTrac,

Join any club

Join any sports team or club if you like to have fun and find new friends. For joining the club, it doesn’t matter that you are athletic or not, based on your interest you can prefer your own game such as choosing any game like volleyball, football, boxing, cricket, etc.

  • Sports Fan Clubs: cheer up and support your favorite sports team and make friends with common interests. Explore through your sports team’s official websites like Bengaluru FC, East Bengal FC, Liverpool FC, ManU FC, Kerala Blasters, etc.
  • Reading Clubs: Become a member at the book library near your location and involve in conversations with your book readers’ community, about new books. Or try to join any book reading club over the web such as India Book Club, Online Book Club, Goodreads,

Buy out some quality time for yourself

  • Go to a park with your dog: Take your dog for a walk with you to the nearest park in your locality. This is a good way to find other dog lovers and make good friends.
  • Visit your nearby beach or lake: Go to a beach or a lake nearby would get into more possibilities to meet new people by practicing a water-based game such as yachting, paddle boarding, boating, etc.
  • Visit an aquarium or a museum: Find different kinds of museums available around your new city. Also, visit aquariums to admire the beauty of sea creatures and colorful peace fishes.
  • Visit a zoo: Take a safari ride, view various types of animals. You can uncover amazing facts about various animals and their traits. To discover more about national parks to visit in India, see here.
  • Go Window-shopping: Visit a local grocery market, shopping malls, etc., that would help you relax your mind and meet different types of people in your area.

Connect with the Spiritual World

  • Go to any kind of festival: Another good opportunity to find new people is by taking part in local festivals. Celebrations involve fun, culture, dance, competitions, games, stage shows, etc. Also taking part in other festivals such as food, music, and art when conducted in the city.
  • Go for prayers & meditation classes: Share the love of your culture or religion is another of the good ways to meet new people and become friends. As India is a country of mixed religion and culture, frequently visiting local temples, attending prayers at local churches, attending ‘Namaz’ at the local mosque will make you engage with new people.

Use an app to find about places & events

The latest way of finding new places to meet new people to make friends digitally by using an app on your smartphone. Some apps help to find out new places and events conducted in the city such as Meetup, Eventbrite, Hangtime, Field Trip, Spotsetter, Vamos, and many more.


There are a lot of ways to find new people & make new friends in the new city. The above list of ideas that you can follow to find new friends in the new city anywhere in India. Cherish the amazing heritage of India and know places better and explore the places you stay in. Know people, know places and explore Incredible India.

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