How To Look Rich In Inexpensive Clothing

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Are you on a tight budget, but have a strong desire to look rich? Neeharika Awasthi tells you how it’s done. Read our article to find out how it is done!

You are living in a myth if you think without a brand name and high MRP you can’t look expensive and classy, the truth is if you’re on budget and find it hard to look classy and expensive in less price, then it’s time for you to learn some rules of elegance! Here are few ideas we suggest you.

Choose Fabric Wisely

Don’t get away with a shiny looking fabric thinking of it will look new and polished for a longer duration. Shiny fabric is a sign of low quality or Chinese looking clothing material. Such fabric are generally made up of synthetic. Go for fabric like linen , cotton, or fake suede. Avoid fabrics like rayon, polyester, acrylic and spandex. These fabric not only gives you a low quality outfit look but also they often contain allergens that cause itching, rashes and a most common sign of skin feeling unbreathable.

Go For Classic Basics Instead Of Trendy Pieces

Buying a trendy pair of pants or a specific famous snake and animal print can make us feel updated with ongoing fashion, but think of using your outfit pieces in longer run. Fancy looking designs or prints often loose their charm as they become too common and they end up vanishing after some period of time. Simple and basic looking outfits always reflect elegance and give an appealing rich vibe if paired correctly.

What Are Rich Looking Colours?

We all love neons and bright colours with multi-coloured prints but it often ends up looking too much for eyes and draws attention to every little detail of our outfit and doesn’t make our personality pop. Go for dark or neutral colours. Colours like black, navy blue, white, brown, beige and nude shades defines luxury. All of these colours symbolise richness in one’s styling. The good thing is these colours also hides the in depth detail of fabric and doesn’t reveal its actual cost!

Over Popular Styles That You Should Avoid!

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Embroidered tops are everyone’s favourite! And this is why marketers know what’s in trend and how to copy and sell in cheap. If you are a person who does street shopping then you might have to be a little more smart to prevent from revealing the original price tags. Styles which are already in trend are often duplicated and customised in cheap to sell in local markets. Avoid denim tops with white embroidered flowers, white jackets with multi-coloured print on pockets, side stripped jeans. These all styles are already widely popular, and people know where to find the most adorable ones from! You don’t want to end up giving an impression of ‘from where you bought and for how much’.

Choose Your Jewellery Smartly

Instead of flimsy and light weight jewellery. Opt for clear or dark crystals. Choose gold over silver. Pairing multiple similar looking rings can add whole new look to your appearance. Don’t be brand oriented at all when it comes to jewellery ! Instead of getting hoops from h&m or forever 21, you can get them at any local bargain markets under 50 bucks.

Match External Pieces

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Wearing a black tank with high waist skinny jeans has always been classic but you can always pair a scarf or a shrug with them. Not only it will give a whole new look to your outfit but also it will make your outfit appropriate for so many other places because it will add coverage. Shrugs or scarfs are like shields by making the outfit more decent and approachable

Hygiene Matters!

Now elegance and class isn’t just limited to outer appearance. Your hygiene level also leaves an impression! We all have spotted those people with a combination of fanciest clothes and intolerable body odour. Ignoring hygiene habits and maintaining ourselves superficially leaves a bad impression of ‘trying too hard to fit in’. Your grooming habits, hygiene and cleanliness reflects how well maintained one is not because they are learning to be classy but because they’ve already been taught to be in a certain way. Start noticing yourself more! Start avoiding your hair looking greasy, unbrushed or too dry . Keep yourself clean in every way possible and add a classy fragrance to leave a pleasing impression.


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