How do I Become ITIL v4 Certified?

How do I Become ITIL v4 Certified?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is designed to standardize how IT services are selected, planned, delivered, and supported. ITIL guidelines and best practices align IT actions and expenses to business requirements.

ITIL traces its roots past the 1980s as data centers began decentralizing. This approach's flexibility also led to differences in deployments that created inconsistencies. The United Kingdom's government recognized the importance of applying for the ITIL v4 certification training program consistent practices across all IT services and introduced ITIL to help companies ensure predictable service levels.

The ITIL framework has five books periodically reviewed and updated as technologies change. Each book contains best practices for a significant aspect of the IT service lifecycle.

  1. ITIL Service Strategy - specifies that each stage of the service lifecycle must be focused on defined individual business goals, requirements, and service management principles
  2. ITIL Service Design - guides the production and maintenance of IT policies, architectures, and documents that support IT services
  3. ITIL Service Transition - focuses on change management and guides transitioning new and updated services into the business environment
  4. ITIL Service Operation - focuses on strategies to support service delivery and maintenance
  5. ITIL Continual Service Improvement - focuses on processes for identifying and introducing service management improvements and lifecycle management

What is ITIL V4? What does ITIL V4 focus on?

A process is a set of related activities, but the practice also covers the context and policy behind the process. Processes are a subset of rules, but be careful to assume that ITIL 4 practices are the same as ITIL v3 processes.

All of that said, ITIL 4 practices emphasize relevance and flexible nature, and they are all adaptable to real-world organizations. Let's take the principles of Incident Management, for example. Restoring regular service means focusing on the customer's needs and getting the customer up and running as soon as possible. 

It means minimizing service disruption and customer inconvenience as much as possible. This principle is not just relevant to IT but in any service delivery environment. With Incident Management, the service provider's responsibility is to investigate ways of minimizing service disruption and maintaining customer focus.

What are the benefits of pursuing ITIL V4 certifications, and why is it better for a career? 

Axelos launched ITIL V4. ITIL v4 foundation training course benefits those working in the ITSM domain. It helps you understand all the outcomes and aspects of service management mentioned in the study, such as ITIL processes. It helps to figure out why you are doing it,  and what will be used in the future. 

Some benefits of doing ITIL V4 certifications are: 

  • It boosts your credentials and increases your potential to learn something new in the IT industry. 
  • It impacts your resume and chances of getting incremented easily. 
  • It helps grab new opportunities, probably getting new projects and building good relations with clients. 
  • The respect for your name increases as it adds one more certification in your life, which is necessary. 

What are the Best Courses for ITIL v4 one must Learn? 

  1. ITIL 4 Foundation - If you are new to ITIL, you need to start your ITSM journey with the ITIL 4 Foundation course itself.
  2. Create Deliver Support (CDS) - This module falls under Managing Professional & to get this module, you need to be ITIL 4 Foundation Certified.
  3. Direct Plan and Improve (DPI) - The standard module falls under, i.e., Managing Professorial and Strategic Leader. You need to be ITIL 4 Foundation Certified to go for this module.
  4. ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition - This module is like a bridge for ITIL Experts or professionals having a minimum of 17 credits from the ITIL v3 / 2011 track to become Managing professionals by doing this course.

Is it Worth Getting ITIL V4 Certification?

As ITIL 4 is revealed in more depth and the ITIL practices are expanded on in the Practice Guides, you will see more and more opportunities for analyzing the relevance and adaptation of each course to suit varying environments.

From the top of my head, ITIL V4 is composed by:

  • Six guiding principles (very similar to the agile manifesto)
  • Four service dimensions (a rebranding of the 4P's of Design)
  • 34 practices (a new concept that mixes what was known as processes and functions)

Also, the Service Value System and the Service Value Chain are brand new concepts (for ITIL) and pretty much change the approach to service models.

It now includes (or will consist of in the future) Enterprise architecture, project management, and software development. All of which were out of scope in V3.

That said, right now, ITIL V4 is very abstract. 

How do we get ITIL V4 certified? 

ITIL V4 will Help you with:

  • Higher Paying Opportunities
  • A Sharper Skillset
  • Jump into the Job Role You Want
  • Gain Knowledge and Credibility
  • Tons of Flexibility
  • It's Used Virtually Everywhere


To Get ITIL V4 Certification, First and Foremost, you Need to Clear the following:

  • ITIL V4 certification foundation training is offered by Simplilearn online learning, a place to learn and grow your career. 
  • Second, proceed with the ITIL V4 Foundation certification exam. So, it would be best if you prepared at least months before to clear this exam. Attend the respective online lectures offered by Simplilearn. 
  • Third and final step score at least 65% on the exam (26 correct answers out of 40)
  • After you have completed your exam, your results will be out within 10-15 days. 

When does the ITIL v4 Foundation Certificate Expire? 

There is no expiration for ITIL certification. Once you are certified, you will be lifelong certified in that module. The only thing is that you need to upgrade to the new version if launched by the body. This is not mandatory to upgrade; it depends on your profile & job requirement. 

How long does it take to study the ITIL v4 certification course? 

Give me 8 hours to cut down the tree, and I'll use 6 of them to sharpen my axe. That's Abraham Lincoln for you. The best way is to plan, and no plan is complete unless divided into long-term and short-term solutions to the problem.

Final words 

While you follow the above mentioned process, you can set yourself as ITIL v4 certified from Simplilearn online Bootcamp. 




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