Top 10 Richest People In Odisha In 2023

Balancing Wealth and Politics: The Complex Journey of Odisha's Business Tycoons

Odisha, a state known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, is also home to some of India's most affluent individuals. These trailblazers have not only contributed to the state's economy but have also left an indelible mark on the nation's business landscape. In this article, we delve into the lives and achievements of the top 10 richest people of Odisha, showcasing their remarkable journeys from humble beginnings to becoming titans of wealth.

1. Kamal Jeet Singh Ahluwalia

Kamal Jeet Singh Ahluwalia stands as the wealthiest individual in Odisha, holding the title of the mining magnate in the state's thriving mining sector. With a remarkable career spanning over five decades, he has amassed extensive expertise in cement production, iron and coal mining, graphite extraction, and steel manufacturing. Through his influential KJS Group, he presides over enterprises such as KJS Cement, KJS Steel, and multiple mining ventures dispersed across various regions throughout India.


2. Prem Patnaik & family

Indrani Patnaik holds the distinction of being the second wealthiest individual in Odisha, esteemed for her prowess in the mining domain. She commands ownership of the Indrani Patnaik Iron Mines and Patnaik Minerals, an enterprise initially established by Lathe te Bansindar Patnaik back in 1955. The operations of Patnaik Minerals encompass the extraction of valuable resources such as Iron, Manganese, Limestone, and Dolomite. This establishment plays a pivotal role as a prominent supplier of premium calibrated iron ore and a noteworthy exporter of iron fines to China. An exemplar of corporate responsibility, Patnaik Minerals Pvt. Limited has recently launched a community welfare initiative aimed at delivering free medical care to local residents. Additionally, the company extends educational scholarships to children from the vicinity, demonstrating its commitment to holistic growth within the region.

3. Subhrakant Panda

At the helm of Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys Ltd. stands Subhrakant Panda, serving as the Managing Director and CEO. His entrepreneurial prowess extends to ownership of Odisha Television Limited, a venture he shares with his brother, Jay Panda. Within his family's domain, investments encompass cable television services as well as internet broadband solutions.Subhrakant Panda commands a significant presence in the mining sector, epitomizing a figure of influence. However, his involvement in the political arena has introduced complexities on the business front. The intersection of his political aspirations and business enterprises has exposed him to challenges, as politicians have directed their attention toward his mining ventures. This heightened scrutiny seeks to uncover pretexts that could potentially undermine his enterprises, affecting both his reputation and financial resources, and thereby influencing his political ambitions.


4. Dilip Ray

Dilip Ray, a prominent figure in Indian politics and a successful hotelier hailing from the state of Odisha has traversed a diverse career path. His initial foray into the political landscape began through his engagement as a lobbyist for the Mining Association. Prior to this, he garnered experience in the realm of politics and governance, having held significant positions including the role of Union Minister for Steel, Coal, and Parliamentary Affairs. This multifaceted journey underscores his contributions to both the political arena and the business world.


5. Pradipta Mohanty 

Heading the SNM Group is Pradipta Mohanty, who serves as its chairman. This conglomerate boasts a diversified portfolio, extending its services to encompass high-speed broadband internet connections while also maintaining a stake in the commodities sector. Dr. Pradipta Mohanty, leveraging his medical expertise in homeopathic medicine, holds the position of a trained physician. Beyond his medical pursuits, he assumes the role of vice-chairman at the CII Odisha State Council. Noteworthy for his fervent exploration of different locales, he emerges as an avid traveler. Furthermore, his dedication extends to the preservation and propagation of India's rich customs and traditions.


6. Bijoy Mohapatra

Bijoy Mohapatra, a prominent political figure and dedicated public servant, holds a prominent position within the Bharatiya Janata Party. Having participated in the Legislative Assembly for an impressive span of four terms, he effectively represented the Kendrapara Constituency. Notably, he has been recognized as a key figure in the esteemed Biju Patnaik cabinet, underlining his significant contributions.


 7. Anil Agarwal

Though born in Patna, Bihar, Anil Agarwal has strong ties to Odisha due to his business interests in the state. The Chairman of Vedanta Resources, Agarwal's investments in metals, oil, and gas have contributed to his vast fortune. Anil Kumar Goel Anil Kumar Goel, the founder of the mining conglomerate Ispat Group, has been instrumental in Odisha's iron ore and steel industry. His business prowess has earned him a place among the state's wealthiest individuals.


8. Sajjan Agarwal

Sajjan Agarwal, the founder of the Sajjan Group, has made his presence felt in Odisha's real estate and infrastructure sectors. His ventures have not only added to his wealth but have also contributed to the state's urban development.

9. Radhakishan Damani

Though not originally from Odisha, Radhakishan Damani, the founder of DMart, has made significant investments in the state. His retail empire has earned him a spot among India's richest individuals, and his foray into Odisha's business landscape has further solidified his stature.


10. Bijay Kumar Garodia

The founder of the conglomerate Rungta Mines Limited, Bijay Kumar Garodia, has been instrumental in Odisha's mining industry. His entrepreneurial journey began with a small textile business, and over the years, he expanded into mining, real estate, and infrastructure, amassing substantial wealth.



The top 10 richest people of Odisha exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that has driven the state's economic growth. Their diverse contributions across industries have not only transformed their own fortunes but have also played a vital role in shaping Odisha's business landscape. These individuals stand as a testament to the potential that lies within the state and its people to achieve greatness on both regional and national platforms.




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