Kasturi Shankar’s Reply About Eating On TV !! Trollers Impressed

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Kasturi Shankar is one of those actresses whose name gets popped up once in a while. She got trolled and made fun of a lot in the past. But this time she turned her trollers towards her and earned some love and impression from them.

The sad demise of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput made everyone speak up about nepotism that has been going on in the Indian film industry from ages. In a talk show on Republic TV about the same with a few personalities hosted by Arnab Goswami, Kasturi Shankar was also invited. She was spotted eating in between the show. Which also turned out to be the food for trollers. A lot of people started trolling about this. Especially one account on twitter called “Scotchy(Chronological)” posted about this saying “I need the confidence level of this lady in my life”. Which was actually quite funny and went trending. But an awesome reply from Kasturi Shankar impressed the trollers as well as everyone. She tweeted,

“Lol. Nothing to do with confidence. I spent 60 minutes watching Arnab in hyper mode, He wasn’t gonna let me talk anyway, so I left and grabbed lunch. but forgot to sign off skype. Apologies to everyone for the mess up! No offense or disrespect intended”


When some person asked what she was eating, she replied saying it was a south Indian dish called Pongal which is made with rice. People actually thought it was cool and appreciated for her time management.


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