Makeup Tips For Life!

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Makeup is known to be a woman’s best friend. The right makeup can make you the centre of attention at any event. Read our makeup tips which can last you for a lifetime by Neeharika Awasthi!

Make Your Skin Ready For Makeup

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You need to hydrate your skin with good quality moisturizers, products & make your skin ready for makeup

Now before rushing and stepping ahead to layer up makeup. See what your skin is asking to fulfill its lacking needs. For example you have already moisturised your face but your scars and acne have dry flaky skin that needs excessive external moisture. Provide that extra moisture by covering your specific areas like dry patches, and flaky skin near mouth to assure a smooth base and will make your cosmetics glide on smoothly. You might have to use different moisturizers with different consistency, a very thick winter cream will work amazingly as eye primer for those dry under eyes, same as that a lotion with thinner consistency is perfect for t-zone because you don’t want to add excessive moisture where you don’t need much.
Rule of priming – Followed by hydrating your skin, now wait for few minutes to let all those creams to sink in your skin before you step ahead to prime your face. Match the consistency of your primer with your previous moisturiser. A water based moisturiser cant be layered up with an oil based primer. We already know water can oil can’t be mixed! Both your moisturiser and primer have to be of similar consistency. For example an oil based primer goes well with an oil based moisturiser . If the formula of both of your steps don’t match, your makeup will end up looking cakey or will melt off quick in heat or sweat.

Choose What Coverage You Want

It all depends on your personal preference of amount of coverage, skin needs, workability and occasion . For a regular outing in summer you might want to pair up a light bb or cc cream with double coat of sunscreen. It will provide you protection and an even tint of glow to your complexion, and will let your skin breathe because of minimal coverage . Same as for a night out formal event you can take your time to do a full coverage heavy foundation paired up with other setting steps like baking with loose powder and using a setting spray to fix your makeup.

Gold Tip Or Sweat Proof Makeup

makeup tips

It’s been proven that rubbing ice on face before applying any makeup for few minutes increases blood circulation, not only it will give your skin a boost up and you will feel fresh and awaken, but also it will avoid sweat and oil in long run and you will notice your face feeling fresh till the end of the day.

Concealer Might Be Your Best Friend

If you hate layering up foundation and base products. You should try opting for covering only your flaws like pigmentation, dark circles and spots with concealer . Just apply concealer on those areas and don’t apply anything at all on the rest of your face. Let the concealer sit on your skin for few seconds then blend it, and finally lock it with pressing a matte pressed powder. Make sure you use concealer and pressed powder exactly of your complexion or a brighter or darker concealer may end up looking like white or dark patches.
Want your lips to look natural? – If you don’t like heavy matte lipsticks which make our lips chapped or dry easily . DIY your own lip tint. Mix 2-3 drops of food colour with aloe Vera. Use the mixture after you prime your lips with a lip balm. The good thing about this lip tint is even if the glossy effect of Aloe Vera will disappear with time, but the tint of food colour will be there on your lips. They will look naturally pink and bare. It will last you for good 5 hours.

Just Want Glow On Bare Face?

It’s a popular trick used by Khloe Kardashian when she goes to gym. To get that perfect glow you just have to moisturise your face and leave your skin bare. Use a highlighter on highest points of your face. Choose a highlighter correctly according to your skin’s under tone. For example pick a beige highlighter with silver undertone if you are neutral or cool undertone. A champagne or a gold highlighter goes well with our popular Indian warm or olive undertone. It’s not necessary to spend 1000 bucks separately on a highlighter. You can use a metallic or a subtle eyeshadow shade from your old palette which suits your skin.
Don’t invest in different products! – if you are low on budget it’s not necessary that without all separate Bronzers, blushes, highlighter and brow powder you can’t achieve a full face of makeup look. Just invest in a good eyeshadow palette which has matte browns, pinks, oranges and a brow bone highlight. You can use matte brown as your contour powder and to fill your brows. Try using pinks and oranges in your palette as blushes. And of course the concept of highlighting has already no ends! Use any light shade with has a sheen or a different reflex to it as a highlighter. Also you can use pinks or any other shade to lock your lipstick, mattify it and customise your own colour for your lips.