Male Bollywood Celebs Gym Fashion

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Our fashion expert Stutee Sampriti writes about gym fashion statements made by top male bollywood celebs.

Bollywood Gym Fashion -Male 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♂

A fit,healthy body-that is the best fashion statement

Gym fashion have really become a thing now a days. The fitness fanatics stars are often spotted and clicked outside the gym as we regularly see them in the Instagram through some media pages and even the celebs post their gym workout videos very often and they look equally stylish as they look in the award functions or their movies.
They don’t leave any stones unturned to look sexy even in their gym clothes.

While we constantly keep drooling over the gym style of actresses like Malaika Arora Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, the Bollywood heroes look equally fashionable in their gym wears and raise the fashion statement high!
Bollywood heroes have always been an inspiration for the common man to be fitter everyday.And with their solid presence on social media at the moment,working out seems to have become a part of our lifestyles more than ever!

So here is a compilation of some pictures of five such Bollywood men whose gym fashion style statements are often seen over social media and have turned into gym style inspo nowadays!

1.Shahid Kapoor

Shahid is seen wearing a black sleeveless tee for his workout sesh

‘Fashion for fitness’ might not be a big thing in India,but Shahid Kapoor just made it incredibly mainstream.
It is quotes known that Shahid Kapoor follows a vegetarian diet and fuels his body with vegetarian sources of protein such as fruits,green vegetables etc.
He follows an unusual workout routine of working all parts of the body on all days!
His claim to fame as a fitness icon is that he has an innocent charming face and a rugged chiseled body.
With his recent gym session,that a featured a rack off a big ass street wear store.Wearing his own gym wear label,Skult-Shahid Kapoor really pulled out the gym look!
We all love comfort while hitting the gym,but that shouldn’t put our apparel at stake.
Shahid gives us a style inspiration by sticking to the blacks/Greys/neutrals,but adding a few sartorial changes to it!
From wearing patent leather monk straps with Indian separates,to channelling the man bun when it had just struck its chord-he has always ventured a little further.
Wearing a white tank top with ripped pyjamas and pairing it with sneakers 👟 Shahid gives us some serious gym fashion goals!

2.Tiger Shroff

Tiger likes to workout topless!

Tiger Shroff is one multi-talented guy. He dances like there is no bone in his body.
In almost all his movies,he is an out-and-out fashion junkie!
But with his chiseled look he has a great fashion sense,his wardrobe is so customised,basically all about comfort,flexibility and style!
He wears distressed Ganjis to gym that let his biceps,wings,shoulders and that solid core breathe,flex and shine!
He wears stylish beanies to the gym that add to his ‘Yo-I-Am-Ready-to-Kick’mode look!
The beanies give us some major style inspiration and it looks so cool!
He shows that even in the joggers and plain T-shirts can look so stylish and offers a lot functionality and comfort!
As he said in an interview by GQ,”gym can’t be completed or one cannot do with a good pair of track pants “
The men’s style reflects his love for all things athletic. With his activewear brand Prowl and his steamy beach pictures his gym style tops the list!

3.Ranveer Singh

Ranveer’s se;f confidence is sky high & his fashion sense is testament to that fact. His gym wear is an inspiration for many!

Ranveer Singh is an eccentric as they come,especially when it comes to his clothing choices. His workout gears are no different.
In the era of gym looks the Gully Boy has developed his own niche.
A style that can be an inspiration for all the Gym lovers.
For starters in Gym, Ranveer’s gym wear in definitely an inspiration because it is a combo of edgy,comfy and functional clothing!
It is time to embrace a new silhouette for regular wear.
Try involving compression tights and T-shirts as it helps you train better!
By adding shorts and t-shirts you can cover it up.
Next thing is Layering,if it is done correctly it can lift even simplest outfits.
By wearing jackets while you go in or out of the gym it can lend a sporty look.
Ranveer also accessorises the gym looks by the variation of shades,the caps and we cannot miss the neckband sported by him.
He truly gives us some major fashion goals and increases the number of options for gym looks!

4.Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan is one of the stylish actors in Bollywood. His style is often easy going and all about comfort.
He was recently snapped by the paparazzi post gym. Dressed in a grey jacket and matching shorts,Varun looked dapper and gave style goals!
By wearing coloured shorts with naked body, he proved that gym looks can be kept simpler and can look classy even in some coloured shorts!
By wearing grey track pants with grey tight t-shirts and pairing it with grey sneakers he have some fab looks!
Recently he wore a ‘matchy-matchy’ outfit of navy blue colour after his gym session pairing it with white sporty sneakers the outfit was looking of ‘high street style’ !
He really tried something new,and there were polka dots appearance on it.
It was looking so cool and stylish that,we can’t get enough of it!

5.Aditya Roy Kapoor

Aditya Roy Kapoor is one of the most handsome men in Bollywood and he always keeps it simple whether it’s an Award Function of at gym but still looks dapper and classy!
The Aashiqui boy has been a favourite among the girls and when he removed that t-shirt in Fitoor, a number of girls fainted at the cue.

Coming to his gym style, he wears very casual clothes which is turns out to be an inspiration for the common men!
Recently he spotted outside the gym session wearing a black shorts a grey t-shirt. He paired it with black shoes!

So,here were some Bollywood men who are giving us some serious fitness goals and gym fashion looks!

Do give it a read and share your views.


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