OI Original: Actress Quits Talent Agency With Her Manager

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This young actress has quite a big talent management agency along with her manager.

This young actress has been dating an action star for quite some time. There have been rumors of trouble in their relationship, which we wrote about earlier.

Despite not starring in lead roles in major movies, she has gained popularity due to her social media pics. Her following on social media can put bigger stars to shame. Her social media following, along with her relationship with a young superstar & some good movies in her kitty makes her a worthy client to have, as far as any talent management agency is concerned.

It came as a shocker to many when she quit this renowned talent management agency with her manager. Our sources inform us that the talent agency has become a fish market. The agency manages 10 actresses & is not able to do justice to either of them. They have to pitch for all the 10 actresses for the three odd projects in the industry. That is the reason why another actress, the one who was seen at the box office king’s farmhouse quit the agency sometime back as well.

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