OI Original: Are They Still Together?

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Is this young actress still continuing her affair with her superstar-mentor?

We had earlier written about this young actress being forced to cut ties with her superstar mentor. Their rumored & affair & closeness wasn’t taken lightly by the superstar’s missus, who threatened the superstar with dire consequences. The superstar was rumored to have decided to stick by his wife. This left the young actress heartbroken. She was forced to go out & fend for herself like any other Bollywood actress – something she wasn’t used to. She did manage to bag a few interesting projects as well.

But the industry has been abuzz with rumors of the young actress renewing her affair with the superstar. He even dropped by on the sets of one of her movies recently. This made the murmurs grow even louder. Looks like this gal is not ready to give up easily!

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  • November 6, 2020 at 12:46 pm

    Fatima Sana & Aamir Khan


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