OI Original: Did This Actress Go Through The Casting Couch?

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Did this actress have to go through the casting couch to get the lead role?

We have time & again mentioned how out of the lakhs of people who aspire to become heroes or heroines, only a handful manage to make it. Out of the handful, even fewer manage to make it to the A-list. This actress has been around for quite some time. She started off as a character artiste, then went on to lead roles in Bollywood & South Indian films. While she tasted success down South, success & acclaim in Bollywood has eluded her.

She hooked up with some married celebs with the hopes of these acts boosting her career, but nothing came of it. She even did some hit photo-shoots. It was then that she got frustrated & blackmailed one of her married BF’s for money.

She has recently bagged the lead role in a movie opposite an action star. The movie is produced by a MeToo accused celeb. He is rumored to have been having a roaring affair with a hottie known for her dance moves. She too has been getting substantial roles in movies produced by him. The burning question is whether the actress in question managed to land the lead role without going through the casting couch? What are the odds?

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Please drop a comment or DM us on Instagram/Twitter.

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