OI Original – The Farmhouse

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This superstar’s fans are always dying to know what happens at his farmhouse on the outskirts of the city. We have the dope!

It is common knowledge that this superstar owns a lavish farmhouse on the outskirts of the city. He loves spending time there with friends & family. The farmhouse has been the venue for most of his birthday parties. But what exactly does he do on those long weekends which go unreported?

Our sources who reside in the vicinity inform us that this superstar once dropped by a bar near his farmhouse to pick up a few beers. He was riding a superbike & a had a hot looking woman for company. The identity of the woman is unknown. Our source informed us that the superstar is much skinnier than what you see on screen. He is so fair, that his nose turned a shade of red due to him just brushing his finger across it.

Our source claims that he is regularly seen at farmhouse, with a new woman every week!(not when he is shooting abroad obviously). His ex-gf a beauty queen, who is now married too was spotted at the farmhouse on several weekends when they were dating, several years back. He was regularly seen carrying another tall ex-GF of his, when she got tired of strolling around in the area. The list of women & celebs who spend the weekend with him was baffling. He truly is India’s answer to Charlie Sheen!

Apart from drinking, womanizing, another activity he loves to indulge in & around the farmhouse is riding his ATV’s. It is a common sight to see the superstar on his ATV near his farmhouse. But moneyed big shots of the area, don’t like drinking with him, due to his insistence on being referred to as “bhai” after a few pegs.

Can you guess the celeb we are talking about?


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  • January 8, 2020 at 10:04 am

    Must be Solomon Kien. Can you publish the …ahem…list… 😀


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