OI Original: The Irritable Superstar

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This superstar, whose movie released today, has been irritable due to the severe pressure that he has put on himself over the success of his movie.

He was almost on the verge of being thrown out of Bollywood’s A-list, when the manager took over the reins. She then ensured that he reaches the very top. He happily dethroned his friend turned foe from the box office throne & has continued to rule it for the past 9 years. But sadly the manager & the superstar parted ways around two years back. It was not a smooth parting & they have been at war ever since. She has been manging another superstar’s career since then & as luck would have it her new client is going through the best phase of his career.

The box office king has had two releases before today’s release. While one was an average grosser & another one was a semi-hit, it did not make the superstar or his legions of fans happy.

The talent manager has never missed a chance to hurt her ex-client. The superstar too has given it back in kind. But they are set for one final showdown. The superstar’s movie released today, while the new client’s movie is up for release next week. If the superstar’s movie grosses above 300cr, he will retain the box office crown. If not he will end up under severe pressure. The new client-superstar needs his movie to gross above 200cr+. This will enable him to make a claim for the box office throne next year.

This has been playing on the current box office king’s mind & has made him very irritable. He has been picking fights with friends & family due to the stress. A source informed us that he had a huge fight with his GF recently. His rants after downing a few pegs of vodka are an open secret. Everybody in his family, especially his brother-who is also the producer, has been at the receiving end of them. The source informed us that he wants to beat his ex-manager at any cost this time around. His father- a noted scriptwriter has assured him that the movie has turned out well & that he nothing to worry. But that hasn’t calmed the superstar’s nerves.

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Who do you think will win the battle for the box office crown?


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  • December 21, 2019 at 12:11 am

    Salman Khan
    Dabangg 3
    Akshay Kumar
    Good Newzz


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