OI Original: This TV Celeb Is An Alcoholic

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This TV star is an alcoholic & was provided alcohol during his stint on a reality show.

This TV star is one of the biggest celebs in the country. He is easily the biggest TV celeb right now. We never watched a single episode of his reality show. But we were inundated with posts that spoke about him on our social media feeds. He gets mobbed everywhere he goes. Don’t be shocked if he is seen in the lead role of a small-medium budget movie.

But if sources are to be believed, he is an alcoholic. The channel on which his reality show was telecasted knew about it. He probably made it clear that there was no way he could last several months locked up in a house without alcohol. The producers ensured that he was provided his dose of alcohol daily. They started giving him alcohol through juice packets. But he is not the only one for whom the channel made the extra efforts. One shouldn’t forget that the show’s host himself is a drunkard. Many other celeb needs too have been taken care of. This TV celeb is also into drugs.

The TV celeb has been linked up with six actresses. Some of them include his on-screen mother-in-law & the younger sister of a female movie superstar.

This celeb’s alcohol-fueled fights with other celebs led to huge TRP’s. Another friend who stayed in the same government quarters in South Mumbai as the TV celeb too had a few anecdotes. The friend mentioned how the TV celeb used to pick fights in their quarters/society as well. What you saw on TV is exactly how he is in real life. He was then arrogant for being a Xavierite. The friend used to watch the reality show only because of him.

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