Last 30 Days NEET Tips: 3 Secrets Revealed by NEET Toppers To Score 720 In NEET 2022!


Every year, around 16 Lakh candidates appear for the NEET exam and aspire to become a doctor by studying in India's top medical colleges. However, only 8 Lakh students qualify for the NEET exam, for which there are only 91,000 MBBS seats available in the country. So, it feels like a nightmare while doing the math. Just 1 seat for every 1500 people. But this year, the number of registrations boosted by 2.6 lakhs breaching 18 lakhs of total registrations. Therefore, the competition has risen even more now. Tough times call for tough measures! To make sure that students don't miss out on their seats among the top medical colleges, they must learn from the experience of other NEET toppers. Here are the best tips by toppers for the NEET aspirants to conquer their fears & come out victorious in their first attempt at the NEET exam.


Many aspirants make a huge mistake by ignoring the NCERT Textbooks. NEET 2019 Topper Nalin Khandelwal, along with many other NEET toppers, suggested that NCERT mustn't be ignored if you want to achieve your goal. NCERT is the answer for students when looking for a comprehensive guide since it is an excellent resource for the foundation & revision of NEET 2022 preparation. The NCERT Textbooks cover everything, and most questions are taken from NCERT Textbooks in the NEET exam. NCERT has an enormous amount of information; hence, a thorough understanding is required of each line of NCERT. For this topper like exam preparation, students should rely on MTG's Objective NCERT At Your Fingertips, a bestseller for NEET preparatory resources with 5-star ratings & reviews by more than 8000 people. Around 100 objective questions from each line of NCERT (please check this statement) have been pulled out in this book to bring each line of NCERT to students' fingertips. This book has a humongous question bank of NCERT based MCQs, NCERT Exemplar MCQs, latest & previous years' questions with NCERT notes & additional information, practice papers, and model test papers.

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Students need to check their progress. It would boost their confidence and give them room for improvement. When students self-evaluate their scores, they will know exactly where they lack and how to improve that area. Akansha Singh, a 2020 NEET topper, advised practising through previous years' papers and NEET sample papers. Questions from previous years' papers often reappear in the NEET exams, and that is why solving NEET previous years' papers is quite fruitful. Whereas practising with NEET sample papers, including OMR sheets, would provide hands-on practice in exam-like situations. MTG provides excellent NEET study material for this purpose which is appreciated by lakhs of NEET aspirants & toppers. Students must practice from the MTG 34 Years NEET Chapterwise-Topicwise Solutions to ensure their success with 34 years of experience. Its exclusivity is that it comes with an online smart book where you can attempt the entire book online for free. Finally, students can check their progress with MTG NEET-UG 2021 10 Sample Papers based on the latest NEET Pattern with an OMR sheet with each sample paper to become a NEET champion.

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Het Shah, another NEET topper of 2016, mentioned how crucial it is to understand the value of time management and how to attempt questions in the exam. He advised going through the NEET question paper twice to read every question carefully to understand what it is asking. He revealed his exam day strategy, saying, students must take a brief of the paper for 5-10 minutes before starting it, gauging the difficulty level, and finally, not forgetting to cross-check calculations. NEET Explorer by MTG is perfect for mastering time management & ways to attempt questions in the NEET exam. Thus, students must indulge in this book to practice the time limit with 11 years of fully solved previous years' papers to systematically revise 10 model test papers for final testing.

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Students Don't Need Luck With These Tips!

These tips by NEET toppers to crack the NEET exam are worth applauding and must be followed without another thought. However, there is no time to waste now. All they have to do is to get started to enrich themselves with hands-on practice & Exam-Like preparation to bring victory home. With such rising competition, students need the absolute best preparation material, and there is nothing better than MTG's NEET study material with 40 years of excellence to beat all odds. Approximately 90% of similar MCQs appear in the NEET exam from MTG's NEET Books. As the competition rises, so does the quality of MTG’s study material which helps thousands of aspirants achieve their dream of becoming doctors. 

Moreover, students must take regular breaks along with maintaining a healthy diet and a sleeping routine for their physical & mental health. Students should set a realistic timetable to avoid disappointment and remain dedicated. We hope students will systematically plan their remaining 30 days with these tips.

All the best.




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