Priyanka Chopra Breaks Lockdown Rules In UK

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With the new strain of COVID-19 gripping the UK in its throes, the whole country has been caught under a lockdown until mid-February to prevent the spread of the new strain. Under the rules of lockdown, nobody is allowed to step outside their houses until and unless they have a concrete substantial reason to do so. However, former Miss World and global icon, Priyanka Chopra was spotted breaking the norms of lockdown in UK.

PC was spotted entering the salon was celebrity stylist of Josh Wood along with her mother Madhu Chopra and her dog, Diana at around 4.55pm. Upon its violation, Josh Wood was given a warning and no fine has been imposed yet.

On asking the actress about the same, she said that her hair needed to be coloured for the new film, ‘Text For You’. Moreover, she said, that the salon was privately opened following the guidelines where every staff was tested. In this lockdown, Film London has permitted Film and TV production to continue provided Covid-19 guidelines have been followed.

How do you think the new film of PC will turn out to be? Please mention your views in the comment section below.

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