Recreate Deepika’s Met Gala Look With These Simple Steps

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Met Gala is all about celebrities representing their outfits in the most artistic and fancy way possible. Deepika Padukone’s gorgeous princess inspired look left the whole Internet in shock, what impressed everyone more was her stunning vibrant makeup giving a Barbie vibe to her whole look. Makeup expert Neeharika Awasthi shows you how you can recreate it on your own.

Make A Strong Base

Now it was very tricky to find out Deepika’s base and the exact source of glow. Deepika’s make up artist was very smart to keep the external highlight very low and made her skin glow from within. It made her skin appear healthy and youthful without a blinding highlight effect. All you have to do is layer up your face with good hydrating products. Because Deepika’s look was all about glow, after moisturising you can add tiny amount of illuminating/liquid highlighting drops to your whole face. Or if you don’t want enormous amount of glow with illuminating drops you can replace the step with using facial oils. Instead of picking your daily silicon based pore filling primers, try keeping all mattifying base products aside and choose for a hydrating or an illuminating primer.

Create That Purple & Pink Inspired Winged Eye Look

Deepika’s eye look was all about glitter and vibrant pinks and purple. Instead of using a regular dark eyeliner she used eyeshadow for a cat eye look . Place a stripe of cello tape on edge of your eye in an angle to give your eyeshadow an edgy and sharp cat eye look. Start off with using a matte dark pink crease eyeshadow above your crease, don’t being it higher than required. Deepika has semi hooded eyelids, still she focused more on outer wing and not on bringing her eye shadow upwards. Start with pink metallic eye shadow on in the centre and as you go forward use purple in the outer wing. In the end use individual glitter shadows and place them on top your metallic eye shadows. Use a blending brush to soften the harsh strokes. Use a silver glitter eyeliner in the inner corner and define your whole inner corner bring it a little inwards and stop a little before where your lashes begin. Do the same on the Lower line. Now Deepika didn’t smoke out any purple or pink on lower lash line. She used a light brown shade on stroke below her lower lash line. Use a very defined brush and pick a light brown shade, don’t create a line like how you do with kohl. Start dabbing a little in between of your lower lashes to make your lower lash appear fuller and natural. In the end use some heavy lashes to complete the look.


met gala

Now because your base is already too shiny and glowy too handle, try subtle it down to make it look a little more natural. A matte foundation will let your glowy base pop from within and also it will camouflage that extra shine to make it appear less oily and more natural. Use a very matte foundation.


Now Deepika’s look didn’t emphasize the structure of her face, she kept her contouring very subtle and minimal. She focused more on highlighting her features with a bright concealer. Deepika’s skin undertone is warm, but she opted for a bright cool undertone concealer for highlighting her under eyes, centre of her forehead and chin. All you have to do is pick a very bright concealer in pink undertone and use it on specific areas like under your eyes in a triangle shape, place a little on chin and on centre of your forehead where your features attract most light. For contouring don’t use a dark cream contour product, opt for a light shade of matte powder bronzer. Mostly Deepika redefines her cheeks very sharp but for met gala she didn’t bring her contour down towards her mouth area to keep the look very feminine. She used a ‘U’ shape contour on her cheekbone bringing it slightly up towards her apple of cheek to make her cheeks appear fuller.

Blush and Highlight

It amazed everyone how she kept her makeup similar to her pink inspired theme outfit. The most prominent part that grabs our attention after her eye look is her cheek area. Now she was very smart to keep her blush very light pink but the pink was not as vibrant as her eye look. Or a vibrant pink blush with doll pink or purple hue would have made her entire look appear very fake that’s why she used a light baby pink blush which is more on neutral side. Use a very light pink blush with no reflex in it. Make sure your cheeks look pink but not overly pink because Deepika kept it very minimal. For highlighting she used a subtle highlighter with a sliver reflex to it. Make sure you use a highlighter matching your skin tone because you can hardly even pick any prominent stroke of highlight on Deepika’s cheekbones. Its even better if you use a pink highlighter with silver reflex in it.


Deepika keeps her eyebrows thick and arched both at once. Make sure your eyebrows are plucked and clean. Deepika chose a medium brown shade to fill her brows. Choose any product like pencil, powder or pomade anything according to your convenience. Focus more on creating a shape rather than completely filling it, Deepika’s eyebrows in Met Gala were very natural. Create light strokes and blend it with a spooly to even out the colour.


Deepika used a dark berry/burgundy matte lipstick with a dark red tint to it. Pick any of your dark red matte lipstick to complete the look.

Fix It!

Deepika didn’t use a mattifying powder she used a very smooth powder to set her under eyes. Bake your under eyes and places where you applied your concealer. Apply good amount of powder with a damp beauty blender and let it sit for 5 minutes. Dust it off with a voluminous powder brush. For setting your whole face use a dewy makeup setting spray.


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