Is Love Marriage Better Than Arranged Marriage?

Is Love Marriage Better Than Arranged Marriage?

There has been much discussion over the years about whether love marriage or arranged marriage is better. 

The institution of marriage is extremely significant in society. Every person desires a perfect match, but the requirements for selecting a partner differ. In love marriages, people choose to select their partners on their own, while in arranged marriages partners are chosen by their family or parents. 

Marriage is more than just a union of two people; it is also the bringing together of two families, two social networks that are today more connected than they have ever been. 

This is the focal point of an arranged marriage. Parents will first check whether the prospective bride or groom's family is compatible with theirs when searching for a match for their son or daughter.

Do they have similar cultural and religious backgrounds, socioeconomic status, educational levels, and values? If this is the case, they believe they can comfortably marry their son or daughter into this family, secure in the knowledge that they will be well cared for and enjoy a life close to their parents.

The most searched qualities in an arranged marriage seem to be security and stability. Although this may seem to be a cold-blooded approach, the importance of a successful marriage cannot be overestimated. This may be one of the reasons for India's low divorce rate.

Both the sects of marriage have their pros and cons depending upon the person’s choice and interest one must decide whether to do love or arrange marriage.

Arrange Marriage Pros.

1.   People may match better – since the bride's partner is chosen by family members or other experienced matchmakers, there is a greater likelihood that those individuals will share similar worldviews and life goals.

2.   Family connections are strengthened - Another advantage of arranged marriages is that the bonds between families can be greatly enhanced. 

3.   Similar ethics.- People in arranged marriages are more likely to have the same ethical values because they also come from similar cultural backgrounds and were taught the same things as children. 

As a result of their similar ethical views, the likelihood of a successful marriage, in the long run, could be higher.

4.   Similar values - In general, partners that met each other due to arranged marriages are quite likely to share similar values since their parents make sure that the value of the partner will fit the family values to assure a peaceful and harmonic coexistence.

5.   Cultural similarities in the partner - Another benefit of arranged marriages is that partners often have quite similar backgrounds and cultural values. Most often, parents choose partners for their kids that have similar cultural values so that they will also fit well into the family.

Similar values also make it more likely that the marriage works out since there might be fewer conflicts between the partners in the long run.


1.   Emotional stress often leads to unnecessary conflicts.- Marrying and sharing your life with the wrong person can be emotionally draining. I couldn't imagine living with a partner I didn't care about, and spending my whole life with somebody would make me sad. In the long term, this could lead to a lot of emotional tension and other problems.

 2.  Spouses may or may not know each other well - There could be a significant lack of confidence between partners in a marriage since they do not know each other before they marry. 

As a result, if partners do not trust each other, maintaining a working marriage can be difficult, as distrust may break bonds between partners.

3.May promote gender inequality - Arranged marriages have another disadvantage: they can contribute significantly to gender discrimination. In arranged marriages, women often have fewer rights than men, and as a result, they can become stuck in arranged pair-bonding situations.

4.Dating period may be missing in a couple’s life - Many of us even enjoy dating a variety of people until we find the partner that best matches our needs. However, we can only know who is right for us if we have dating experience. 

As a result, if this experience is lacking, a lot of the fun is lost, and the odds of becoming a misfit increase dramatically.

5.Mental issues - There will also be plenty of mental issues related to arranged marriages. Even though it can not be measured by studies since many people in forced marriages are simply too afraid to report their mental conditions and their misery to the outside world, it is estimated a high fraction of people in arranged marriages suffer from significant depression and other mental problems



1.   Better coordination – When the partners in a love marriage have better coordination, they are blessed with each other. They place a high emphasis on each other's decisions, habits, behaviours, and moods, and they strive to adjust for them.

2.   Highly Compatible- Love marriage is a concept used to determine whether you and your wife are mentally, physically, or sexually compatible. The highest level of compatibility contributes to the greatest amount of encouragement and understanding.

3.   Makes room for adjustments –  under the heading of loving marriage Compromise and improvement are also used because mistakes are overlooked because the affection for the person is so great that these minor details don't matter.

4.   It is your selection- The fact that you can choose the person with whom you are comfortable and want to spend the rest of your life is the greatest benefit.

5.   The responsibility of making choices - In times of disagreement, the partners are entirely responsible for their choices and decisions. As a result, they have no one to blame for their losses or gains.


1.   Higher chances of Divorce – the risk of the marriage breaking off is there as sometimes love wears out or perhaps the couples are tired of each other.

2.   NO support Of family – in love marriage there is a chance where the partner chosen by you is rarely liked or approved by the family and friends. So when you are in any problem there’s no one to help you out.

3.   Discord Arises - It's possible that the relationship was too good to be true, but after marriage, compatibility fades and multiple marital issues emerge.  Whatever type of marriage you want, make sure you first get to know the person you're marrying. After all, it's just the two of you at the end of the day.

4.   Primarily, you love the person only and cannot know anything about his background, environment, economic conditions, family, etc. But these things also matter in a marriage.

5.   Love fades away after some years as the physical attraction wanes slowly but surely. Therefore, we recommend couples build a strong friendship first even if they are in love with each other.

Both terms of marriage, in my view, are acceptable. It is up to us to determine how well we understand our partner's needs and wishes before deciding because, in the end, it will not be about you or me, but the US.




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