Top 10 Richest Kannada/Sandalwood actors in 2021

Sandalwood/Kannada Industry
South India often stands competent throughout Indian cinema with its high skills of action, drama, and glory. Although the film industry of Tamil and Telugu rank 2nd and  3rd in the list of best-produced films with superb actors.  The film industries of Kannada also gained the lead of topping up the best film industry, which produced fabulous actors 
Rajinikanth is still being worshipped and respected as the god of the film industry, and Rajkumar- another legendary actor. These are the sandalwoods of prior cinema faces. 
As of now, in terms of popularity, 2021 the highly talented Kannada actors are on the screen today. but many of them do not even expect a price that their counterparts in Chennai and Hyderabad do. 
Top 10 richest actors Kannada of 2021
Diganth: Diganth's maximum and estimated net worth is known to be around 5 crores or some more. Number 10th of famous Kannada actor Diganth who started his career as a model and then actor as usually, people do. His cute sparkling eyes, beautiful chubby cheeks with dimple smiles have made a spot in the hearts of millions. He started up his career in film and modeling in 2006. Diganth received the role in various successful films i.e. Pancharangi, Life Istene, Prapancha, and many other roles. He also tried in the Bollywood film industry in the film Pulav. Yet could not fit into that scene. However, made a position and fame in the sandalwood industry. 
Rakshith Shetty:Rakshith Shetty is one such multitalented actor. That's how other actors are from the Kannada industry crave to do anything and everything. So like Rakshith Shetty who is an actor, screenwriter, lyricist, and director. He is a highly educated engineer who left his well-paying job and continued his passion for the film industry which pays him a maximum of 5 crores estimated net worth.
Vijay:Yet being a junior artist he has been struggling with his studies and managed to play his passion for films well. He has been working in the debut roles yet he was junior and progressed as the lead actor.  He is usually known for his amazing stunts and action fighting scenes. He is being done great in his films Chandan, Johnny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam, RX Suri, and many others. Ultimately, for his great acting, he is being paid 11 crores net worth in estimate.  
Ganesh:Well, he is commendable with working on small screens. Just like Shahrukh Khan in Bollywood, Ganesh has got his type of style in his acting and made places in millions of people's hearts in Sandalwood. Yet he started from the comedy shows on television, and soon got a place on big screens playing the role of debut. Ganesh also got the name  'golden star' from the audience.   Moreover, Ganesh Won several awards Including the Filmfare award twice. With that, he has a net worth of 12 crores in estimated.  
Shiva Rajkumar:The legend of the Kannada film industry. He holds up a net worth of 15 crores. Though the destiny of his son was already predicted by the audience that he would also become an actor. Yet the son and father are holding hands together in the films and played very well with their roles in films like A Anand Kumar Rathore Sapthami, Janumada Jodi, and more. He acted in more than 100 films.
Upendra: He holds up excellence in various fields including acting, producing, directing as well as writing lyrics also he is a versatile performer. Well, many other actors as being director later after but Upendra restaurant table who is succeeding and director and later started up with acting as passion. He started his first directing Nan Maga's film later on he made his acting debut in Upendra. He has acted in the languages of Tamil as well as Telugu. 
Naveen Kumar Gowda: The richest actor of Sandalwood with a net worth of 40 crores.   His screenname is Yash in sandalwood. Yet he went through the long way playing theatre and later working for the serials before he was graduating then progressed working up with big screens and karma paid his reward to his hard work and struggle. Interestingly he won Filmfare with his second film Moggina Manassa. Yet holds the lead actor with the role in films like Rajendhra, Lucky, Mr. And Mrs. Ramachari, and more. He is the top star of sandalwood. 
Darshan :He is the son of popular actor Thoogudeepa Shrinivas. He earned his respect by acting on the small screens in the television serials and later stepped into the sandalwood market. His first lead role was a commercial hit, majestic. Yet progressed working on films such as Kariya, kalasipalya, and others.  Yet he is one of the most highest-paid actors getting 40 crores as net worth estimated. 
Puneeth Rajkumar:Stands of the second position and Sandalwood industry of film and the most respected actor, latest and youngest son of legend Rajkumar. He is considered as the most intelligent and was rewarded as child Prodigy with the national award-winning performance in the film batata-hoovu. Though Being the richest legendary actor son he made his place in the industry. Firstly worked in the serials on some of the small screens and later after working in the Sandalwood industry. With his versatile performances, he played a good role in debut roles. Nevertheless, he also hosted the popular Kannada tv show, Kannadada Kotyadhioathi.  
Sudeep: Kannada's most paid and versatile performer with a net worth of 100 crores. Sudeep is multi-talented as an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. In acting, he performed both the lead role as well as a villain in Dabangg 3 with an equal degree of ease. He did commendable work in films like black Rakta Charitra,  Eega and Baahubali, Big Boss, Makkhi, etc. 
So, guys do comment on your favorite ones on the list! 



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