Top 10 Romantic Malayalam Movies Ever Till 2021

Planning to tune in to a Malayalam Romantic Movie, here are the best ones! 

Romantic Malayalam Superhits!

Whenever we think of Romantic movies from the south, the name of Malayalam Movies pops into our minds. The Malayalam Film Industry has surely made a remarkable impact in the romantic genre of its audiences. It's the only reason that the audiences dive into the fairytale romance and its pure bliss while watching the super hit Malayalam Romantic Movies. 


However, the Malayalam Film Industry has also ensured to put a realistic and provide a right approach to its romantic movies as they highly believe in the fact that the entertainment industry influences the audience well. It has also produced many romantic movies that completely redefined the standard storyline of the movies in general. So, guys, I know you all are excited to know which one to watch but we're just moving on to our main part. So, below is the list of the top 10 Romantic Malayalam Movies Ever Till 2021, however, doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not these are surely going to lift your moods:

  • Thattathin Marayathu: In the previous few years, this movie has set a remarkable hallmark amongst the romantic Malayalam movies. The movie showcases sweet lovestory between a Hindu boy "Vinod", and a Muslim girl "Aisha". They met each other at a wedding ceremony and that's how they crossed each other's paths, ending up falling in love with each other. However, like other intercaste relationships, they also have to struggle and face a lot of tiff from society. Moreover, it ends on a sweet note,  and that's how it ended on a good note and won the hearts of audiences thus conveying a warm message to society.

  • Premam: Directed by Alphonse Puthren, the movie showcases Nivin Pauly and Sali Pallavi as the leads. Though released for streaming over Hotstar, the complicated, confusing, and emotional storyline grabbed the attention of its audiences. That's the only reason it has won several hearts, starting from school life up to adulthood it describes a few love stories along with a heartbreaking accident that  impressed the audience and won their hearts. So, you shouldn't think a while before watching it! 

  • Ennu Ninte Moideen: Directed by R.S Vimal and streamed on Hotstar is an impressive romantic tale based upon a real-life incident that occurred in the 1960s. Though the movie describes an intercaste love-story cum relationship, it is still extraordinary and epic in its plot. The story revolves around two individuals Moideen and Kanchanamala. Moreover, both belong to the opposite castes, still, their families share a close relationship. Gradually the individuals fall in love with each other and share a classical love story of the olden times by communicating through letters and cards. However, as usual, their families oppose their relationship but love is blind; it hasn't set up  any boundaries upon racial grounds. However, the saddening part remains that destiny had other plans for them. Kanchanamala had to face a tough time bearing the pain of Moideen's death however love doesn't fade away. Kanchanamala stays firm and firm and gets involved in social work and dedicates everything to Moideen. A truly simple and sweet storyline! 

  • Ohm Shanthi Oshana: Starring Nazriya Nazim and Nivin Pauly, Ohm Shanthi Oshana is directed by Jude Antony and has a vivid storyline. The storyline is vivid as the plot is portrayed from a girl's perspective. A love story from a girl's perspective!? Well, though we live in 2021 still it's a unique concept and that's what makes it an interesting must watch romantic movie 

  • Annayum Rasoolum: Directed by Rajeev Ravi, this is a love story that was released on OTT. The story revolves around the love story between a taxi driver and a sales girl. Both the individuals belong to lower middle class families however, the innocence of both the leads is what adds a magic to their chemistry. The story describes their daily activities and later how they have to face the issues of religion and thus society on a whole.

  • Neeyum Njanum: Directed by A K Sajan this is a movie showcasing Anu Sithara and Sharaf Dheen as the leads. Though a classical tale of romance, however, a pinch of thrill and comedy gives a perfect flavor to the movie. And that's what makes it a must watch movie from your list.

  • June: Directed by Ahammed Khabeera, it is a movie revolving around a girl June. The movie portrays the fun to do elements of school life and afterwards. The film also revolves around the journey of romance of June through her various stages of life. The tale of romance begins from the teenage love of June and the fans were actually obsessed with teenage romance and the chemistry of youth! So, what are you waiting for, wouldn't you like to witness the new-age romance, then make sure to add it to your watch list!

  • Luca: Directed by Arun Bose, Luca is a thriller romantic movie and therefore it sets up a different storyline than the conventional romantic movies. The movie's story revolves around Luca and Niharika, who cross each other's paths in a Biennale. However, their psychic love has no boundaries set up and this portrays an artistic element in the movie. Hence, it breaks the stereotypes of a conventional love story. However, some of its dramatical aspects of this movie are gonna still leave you in awe; but the movie is extraordinarily romantic to leave an imprint in your hearts.

  • Thanneer Mathan Dinangal: Revolving around the lives of the students studying in a higher secondary school, this movie has many other elements except for romance. The tale is a perfect combination of friendship, romance, adventures, and the life of the young generations. The movie is an excellent track to let you dive inside the waters of your lovely school memories with all of it's funny elements 

  • Kumbalangi Nights: Listed amongst Malayalam cinema's last few weeks it is also one of the most loved Romantic Malayalam Super Hits. The story revolves around Fahadh Faasil who's not just the lead but also the producer of the movie. This story is unique as it showcases the love-hate cum sweet-bitter relationship of four brothers in the duration of a 135-minutes family drama. However, apart from its storyline, its cinematography plays a major role for its success.

So, which movie are you planning to watch on the coming Valentine's day, do let us know in the comments! 

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