Top 15 Worst Malayalam Movies Ever


Malayalam Film Industry has been producing scores of movies for decades. It's very easy to mention the best Malayalam movies but it's never easy to mention the worst. But we tried our best to jot down the 15 worst Malayalam Movies which did not perform well and are not recommendable to be watched. 



The Sibi Malayil directional psychological crime thriller stars superstar Mohanlal and Parvathy Thiruvothu in lead roles. The story is about Dr. Mithun Madhavan who is uncovering the murder mystery in a joint family and how he assists Dhwani overcome from some disturbing experiences. The movie received a rating of 3.2 and is good for a one time watch. 

Parthan Kanda Paralokam

Malyalam worst

This movie was produced in 2008, directed by Anil, starring Jayaram, Salim Kumar, Salu Kuttanadu, and Kalabhavan Mani. The movie revolves around Parthan who is loved by the most in his village as a social worker. But his uncle has a disagreement with him, meanwhile he falls in love with his daughter unaware of the fact that she has a hidden agenda. This movie received a 3.1 rating.

Dae! Ingottu Nokkiye 

Directed by Balachandra Menon casting Mala Aravindan, Idavela Babu, Rajan P. Dev, and M.R. Gopakumar in pivotal roles. The story is about Vettikadu Sivan who admires his uncle Sadashivan, a chief minister for his greatness. But when Vettikadu Sivan discovers his uncle's true colors he sets out to destroy his political career. This film is rated 2.3.

Krishnanum Radhayum

Released in 2011, the Comedy drama is written, directed, produced by and starring Santhosh Pandit as John. Other important roles are played by Souparnika, Rupa Jith, Devika, and Ajit. The plot is about the main characters John and Radha who love and admire each other despite belonging to different religions. During the process they face a lot of challenges and their wedding even leads to separation from the family. It received a rating of 2.



Soothradharan is a 2001 Indian movie written & directed by Ambazhathil Lohitadas starring Dileep, Meera Jasmine, Cochin Haneefa and Kalabhavan Mani. The story is about Shivani who is in love with Ramesan and cannot wait to marry him for that is the only way out of her current banal existence in a brothel. The feature film is produced by Milan Jaleel and the music composed by Raveendran and received an average rating of 5.1. 



Nagaram is a 2007 movie directed by M. A. Nishad starring Lakshmi Sharma, Gopika, Nitya Das and Seema. It is produced by Manju Thomas and the music composed by Mohan Sitara. The story is set in Kerala where every city and town is facing a severe problem because of the disposal of tons of waste. The director focuses on Cochin Corporation which is facing a waste management challenge in this regard. It is rated 4.8.

Kaiyethum Doorath


The Romantic drama movie is directed by Fazil and stars Fahadh Faasil, Nikita Thukral, Sudheesh, Revathy in pivotal roles. The movie is about Sachin and Sushma who meet at a hill resort and for him it's a love at first sight. But he hesitated to express his love to Sushma. Later on he finds out that she is engaged and her marriage is fixed. The movie is rated 3.3.


Ranjan Pramod, Photographer stars Mohanlal, Neethu Shetty, Biju Menon, Saranya Bhagyaraj in main roles. The story is about a wildlife photographer who has important evidence against a police officer and plans to bring the evidence in public. But he goes missing and the photographer's brother takes responsibility to find his sibling.

Malayalimamanu Vanakkam

Malayalimamanu Vanakkam is a masala movie with Action, Comedy and Drama released in 2002. It was directed by Rajasenan, and stars Jayaram, Jagathi Sreekumar, Prabhu and Roja. The story's central focus is the main lead bringing home his sister who had run away with a Tamilian. This movie is rated 4.7.


Released in 2001, the movie received a rating of 3.6. Praja is directed by Joshi and stars Mohanlal, Aishwarya, Mahesh Anand, and Cochin Hanifa. The movie is about an ex-Underworld Don who plans to start a peaceful and happy life, however due to people and situations around him demand him to take up his older profession.

Dr. Patient

Directed by Viswanathan, Dr Patient is a comedy-drama released in the year 2009 and received a rating of 3.4. The movie is about a psychiatrist who has a distinctive way of curing his clients. However, things turn wild after his identity is disclosed. The cast includes Mala Aravindan, Bijukuttan, Anoop Chandran and Jayasurya.


Time, is an action-thriller directed by Shaji Kalias which was released in 2007, starring Suresh Gopi, Vimala Raman, Padmapriya, and Sreekumar. The story is about an anti-corruption team's attempt that results in the termination of a state level minister. What opens out afterwards is what the screenplay is about.

Valathottu Thirinjal Nalamathe 

Directed by Ansar Kalabhavan, starring Jishnu, Bhavana, Jagathi Sreekumar and Narendra Prasad. The Comedy- action flick is about a carefree guy, who continues his brothers job post his father's demise. The job is about bringing down old buildings. The movie received a rating of 2.6.

Kerala House UdanVilpanakku

Kerala house

The 2004 Malayalam comedy drama directed by Thaha and starring Jayasurya, Harisree Asokan, Cochin Hanifa and Narendra Prasad in important roles. The director tells the story of Dineshan Kondody (Jayasurya) and the problems faced by him in selling his property which is situated on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border in Walayar, only to liquidate all his debts. The movie is rated 3.7. 



Released in 2010, Aagathan is a romantic-drama directed by Kamal. The cast members include Dileep, Sathyaraj, Charmy, and Lal. The story is about the rat race between a father who is a defense personnel and his future son-in-law. The movie received an average rating of 5.4.

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