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Indian Premier League (IPL) is the world’s biggest T20 cricket league where cricket players from various countries come together to participate in a fun-filled tournament. For fantasy cricket players, this time is no less than a festival, as they get a chance to win amazing prizes and money. The IPL Fantasy League is one of the popular mediums for spectators to test their betting skills.

The first-ever T20 league was announced by the Board of Control for Cricket in 2008 in India. With the existence of T20 cricket, many fantasy premier league IPL apps and sites are also launched throughout the world for enjoying IPL Fantasy Cricket.

T20 league has quickly garnered the attention of fans ever since the inaugural Indian Premier League in 2008. Over the years, this league has grown exponentially. Today, it is one of the favourite fantasy cricket tournaments among cricket players.

Indian Premier League 2021

The IPL was scheduled to being on March 29th but due to the pandemic, it was postponed. Now it will begin on 19th September 2021. The cricket fans are going to love watching their favourite teams in action-packed cricket matches, once the league begins. The only drawback is that the remaining matches of the tournament will be held in Dubai, not India.

However, the Indian cricket spectators will still be looking for various IPL Cricket Fantasy League sites. There are many fantasy cricket sites, including Fantasy Bet, to play fantasy cricket and also win money using your knowledge and skills.

Things to Expect from the T20 Cricket Fantasy League

Every year, the Indian T20 cricket fantasy league ups its quality and coverage of sports betting. Likewise, the fantasy IPL gaming experience has gone up to the next level and continues to do so with every passing day. The fantasy cricket betting sites include many bonus points and exciting offers for strike rate, economy rate, catches, etc. while playing the Indian T20 fantasy league on different apps. The more points a fantasy team earns, the more are the chances of winning.

The Indian T20 fantasy cricket league will run for 60 days and with various contests every day, players can invite their friends, join various leagues and build favourite fantasy teams to win big. The players can even choose multiple fantasy teams, depending on the type of contest. This way, they can increase their winning chances.

How to Participate in the T20 Fantasy Cricket League?

Undoubtedly, cricket is a popular game in India, as this game is treated no less than a religion in this country. People follow this game with passion. Each cricketer’s performance is also observed and scrutinised for many days until the tournament ends. The Indian T20 fantasy cricket league is one of the popular contests where different participants come together to showcase their cricket skills and knowledge. The competition is very high, so you need to be on top of your gaming skills while choosing the right fantasy league players.

For participating in the Indian T20 fantasy cricket league, you need to pick the right fantasy betting tips site and sign up. You will find various upcoming matches on the site. Choose whatever match you participate in and begin building your cricket fantasy teams. The aim here is to build a fantasy team featuring players from different facets. A total of around 100 credits must be allocated and you get to choose a maximum of up to 7 players from each team. The fantasy cricket team needs to have at least 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 wicket-keepers, 3-6 bowlers, and 1-4 all-rounders.

You can take part in various contests and also form a combination of various teams. You can download the IPL fantasy cricket app and begin building your team for the Indian T20 league.

Tips to Start Fantasy IPL Cricket

Here are various fantasy tips to start playing fantasy IPL cricket:

● Know about Cricket Players: Since the Indian Premier League includes players from different parts of India and overseas, there are many players to choose from. But instead of choosing fantasy cricket players based on your emotions, you need to stick to players’ performance and statistics while forming your fantasy cricket team.

● The Captain and Vice-Captain: Also, choose both the captain and vice-captain of your team wisely, based on their current performance in the matches.

● Playing Conditions: The cricket fans must also be aware of the weather conditions, type of pitch and other environmental conditions that can impact the gameplay. Thus, when forming your team, you must also consider the playing conditions.

● Invest Well: It is recommended to invest only in small portions. It is because if you lose money, it won’t hurt your bank account much.

● Read and Research: You can reach and research through various resources about the players and the stadiums. Reading and researching about them will help you make the best decision while forming your favourite team.


Since IPL fantasy cricket games are about to begin in a few months, you need to be aware of all the given things and tips and tricks to make wise betting decisions. This way, you can get exciting offers and win big during the matches.

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