Top 10 Football Clubs In India In 2023


With its rich cultural legacy, India has welcomed the wonderful game of football with open arms. Even though it is a relatively new system compared to its European equivalents, Indian football has produced some of the most passionate clubs and gifted players who have made their mark in the annals of sports history. The new 2023–24 season has officially begun, and every club is giving it their all to win the Indian Super League championship. The top ten Indian football teams for 2023 are listed here.

  1. Mumbai City

Among the Indian Super League's most successful teams is Mumbai City. It was established on August 30, 2014. Perhaps you are aware that Mumbai City is a division of Manchester City, a team in the European Premier League. The club hasn't accomplished much lately. City was happy with winning the league title even though they didn't take home the ISL trophy last year. The team finished second in the Durand Cup in the 2022 season. The 2020–21 season was the last time Mumbai City won the Indian Super League. In a thrilling conclusion, City defeated ATK Mohun Bagan 2-1. Mumbai City consistently looks to develop new talent within their city, which adds strength to the team. This time, the new signing is Akash Mishra.

  1. Bengaluru FC

Founded in 2013, Bengaluru FC is among the most recent and prosperous Indian football clubs. In the Indian Super League, the team has also excelled. Bengaluru has placed second twice and won one ISL trophy. The most recent came when the team lost to ATK Mohun Bagan in the previous season's ISL final. India's premier league final has been won by the Blues three times. The club has tested three Federation Cups and one Durand Cup. With the addition of Curtis Main and Ryan Williams, the team is intent on bolstering its offensive line. 

  1. Mohun Bagan Super Giant

Founded in 1889, Mohun Bagan Super Giant is the oldest football team in Indian history. The team is the Indian Super League's reigning champion. The squad is currently ranked third in the ISL for the 2023–24 season with four wins, zero draws, and zero defeats. Mohun Bagan has won the premier competition six times. The team holds the record for most Indian football victories with 16 Durand Cups and 14 Federation Cups. Because Mohun Bagan SG has a long history, the club's supporters give them extra support. The club's location in Kolkata, commonly referred to as the Indian football city, is the second justification.

  1. Football Club Goa

One of the greatest football teams in India is Football Club Goa, a professional football team from India with its home base in Margo, Goa. The club was established on August 24, 2014. Among the Indian Super League's most promising teams is FC Goa. The team has never won an ISL championship, but it has finished second twice: in 2015 and 2018. Goa couldn't perform well in the final ISL season, and they were ousted in the league stages. Several admirers voiced their disappointment and rage on social media after reading the post. FC Goa acquired Spanish coach Manolo Márquez, who is now heading the team in the season, in order to pick up the pace in the ISL.2023–2024 

  1. Hyderabad FC

When Hyderabad FC joined the Indian Super League, it did so much later than the other participating clubs. The club was established on August 27, 2019. The club's victory in the ISL final during their third season, or 2020–21, is significant. Hyderabad beat Kerala Blasters 3-1 in the championship game via penalty shootout. The team did well in the 2022–2023 season as well, however, they were defeated by ATK Mohun Bagan in the semifinals. The team is already paying a price for losing Manolo Márquez, its ISL champion coach. The team is currently struggling in the 2023–24 season, sitting in 11th place after five games played with zero wins, two ties, and three losses.

  1. Chennaiyin Football Club

Chennai, Tamil Nadu is home to the Indian professional team Chennaiyin Football Club. The Indian Super League is the highest division in Indian football, and the club plays in it. August 2014 saw its founding. The ISL performance of Chennaiyin FC is really remarkable. The team finished second in 2019 and lost the final against Mohun Bagan after defeating Bengaluru 3-2 in an exciting final during the ISL season 2017–18. 

  1. Kerala Blasters FC 

Kerala Blasters FC is a Kochi, Kerala-based professional football team. May 2014 saw the founding of the club. The Indian Super League's most unfortunate team is the Kerala Blasters. The teams have advanced three times to the ISL final but have not been able to win. The Tuskers fell to Mohun Bagan in the ISL season 2014–15 final by a score of 1-0, and they did the same in the 2016–17 final. Last but not least, Kerala lost to Hyderabad FC 3-1 in the penalty shootout during the ISL season 2021–2022. The Blasters have lost Sahal Abdul Samad, Harmanjot Singh Khabra, and Jessel Carneiro before of the 2023–24 ISL season. However, the group is playing really well and is currently ranked second in the ISL.

  1. Jamshedpur FC

Having been created in 2017, Jamshedpur FC joined the Indian Super League quite late. Tata Group is the club's owner. The club has yet to win an ISL trophy; the 2021–2022 season came the closest. They won the league stage of the 2021–22 ISL table but were not successful in taking home the ISL title. Jamshedpur finishes in the middle of the standings for the majority of the season, and its supporters are still waiting for their team to win a game. The team has named Scott Cooper as its new head coach. 

  1. East Bengal Football Club

After Mohun Bagan, East Bengal Football Club is the second-oldest team in the Indian Super League. The club was established in 1902 and is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. It's among the most prosperous clubs in India. However, our rating is determined by the Indian Super League's results. Bengal cannot have an effect in the ISL East. In the 2022–2023 season, the team tied for ninth place with Jamshedpur FC. The clubs are unable to even finish at the top of the table after participating in three ISL seasons. Carles Cuadrat was thus appointed manager by the club in the hopes of things becoming better.

  1. Odisha FC

In Bhubaneswar, Odisha, there exists a professional football team called Odisha Football Club. The club was established on October 14, 2014, the first day of the ISL season. The club is disappointed that they won't be able to attend any ISL finals. Although the team did make some progress throughout these years, it was not enough to win the ISL championship. After being eliminated in the ISL playoffs, the team went on to win the Hero Super Cup in 2022. They made several big new acquisitions in order to create an impactful improvement, just like any other club would.




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