Top Stylish & Trendy Suits for Men in 2023 

The Ultimate Guide to Men's Suits: From Wool to Affordable Wedding Suits

It's essential for every man to possess a suit in his wardrobe, without any exceptions. According to Gay Talese, a former journalist at the New Yorker, wearing a well-designed suit elevates one's spirit, expresses his self-worth, and establishes him as a man who pays attention to details. Even if you don't work in an office, you'll likely require a sophisticated, tailored appearance at least once a year, whether it's for a wedding, job interview, or funeral.

Although a good suit can make you feel amazing, with a plethora of options available, there's a possibility that you might end up looking terrible. Several style icons, such as Harry Styles and Donald Glover, have previously worn suits and have managed to look great in them.

Therefore, we decided to create the ultimate guide to suits for GQ, whether you're searching for a wool suit suitable for winter or an affordable wedding suit. We've got you covered with the best men's suits, regardless of your budget. So don't hesitate, thinking that you won't be able to afford any of the suits listed below.

Wedding suits

When it comes to weddings, formality should be top of mind. According to Ben Clarke, head cutter at Richard James, the best option is a versatile, flattering three-piece suit that's smart and ever-appropriate. Stick to the color scheme if there is one, or opt for a plain mid-grey suit that goes with anything. Navy is also versatile and flatters all complexions. If you go for a three-piece suit, remember that a waistcoat means no belt.

During sunny-weather weddings, you can opt for more casual styles in lighter tones with softer constructions, such as soft linens, cottons, and summer wool frescos. You don't need to break the bank on a suit as a guest. Whether you shop at Marks & Spencer or Alexander McQueen, you can find something that suits every budget without compromising on fit.

Summer suits

As the summer season approaches, it's time to switch up your suiting game. Summer suits should be lighter and made from more breathable fabrics like linen, silk, or fine merino wool. These suits should also be styled in lighter shades to reflect the warmer weather. If you're feeling bold, you can take inspiration from John Legend and opt for a suit in a vibrant color like yellow or purple.

When wearing a summer suit, you have the freedom to experiment with your outfit. For example, you could swap a shirt for a vest like Harry Styles and Kanye West, or even go shirtless like models on the catwalks of Louis Vuitton and Dior.

Wool suits

Although the winter weather might not be everyone's cup of tea, there is one thing that you can look forward to, and that's the opportunity to wear a wool suit. Unlike tweed, wool is softer, more comfortable, and offers the perfect balance of style and warmth, which is why it's our top choice for the months between October and March (weather-dependent). In comparison to linen, wool is an excellent choice for colder months because it provides significantly more insulation. Additionally, wool is a more eco-friendly alternative to polyester, as it biodegrades within a few months without causing plastic or microfibre pollution. It's a win-win situation, except when it's scorching hot outside.

Linen suits

A linen suit is a wardrobe essential for warmer weather. Made from flax fibre with a low thread count (a blend of fine cotton and linen), it is incredibly lightweight and airy, making it perfect for hot climates. If you have a business engagement in a warm location, we recommend opting for a linen suit.

You can dress up or down a linen suit, wearing it for a formal day look with an open linen shirt and sandals (as seen on Chris Hemsworth), or pairing it with a crisp white shirt and tie. Regardless of how you style it, a linen suit will keep you cool and comfortable.

Lounge suits

In the past, the lounge suit was considered the less formal version of morning dress or morning suit. However, things have changed since then. According to Ben Clarke, "these days, I would say that a lounge suit is simply a suit of two or three pieces that has each been cut from the same cloth. After the Second World War, the waistcoat rather disappeared because of cloth rationing and so the two-piece lounge suit was born."

Today, the lounge suit is an umbrella term encompassing both two- and three-piece suits. When you see a dress code on an invitation that says "lounge suit" instead of "cocktail attire," you can expect that your regular office suit will be appropriate, rather than formal evening wear.

In essence, most suits you come across in the high street or office settings are lounge suits.

Made-to-measure suits

Although you can find some fantastic tailoring options on the high street currently, the chances are that unless you have model-like measurements, an off-the-peg fit will always be a little askew. This is why made-to-measure is such a brilliant invention.

Made-to-measure entails having the opportunity to fully personalise the finished garment. The suit is taken from a ready-made fit pattern and then adjusted by a tailor to fit your specific measurements. If you're seeking a suit that fits perfectly, then made-to-measure is likely the way to go.

Nowadays, most brands provide a made-to-measure service, ranging from Paul Smith to Gieves & Hawkes.

Dinner suits

In case you have a black-tie occasion approaching, you'll need a dinner suit. The classic tuxedo, also known as the penguin suit, is sleek and snug and is available in various styles. The conventional dinner suit includes a single-breasted jacket with jetted pockets and typically features peak lapels or shawl collar, which are both genuine and proper and are usually made of silk, satin or grosgrain. Notched lapels are not generally considered acceptable for a black-tie event.

Currently, the dinner suit has evolved significantly from its 19th-century origins, and the red carpet at awards ceremonies now showcases a plethora of diverse options. The blue tuxedo is a popular choice (favored by Tyler the Creator and Donald Glover, who prefer a more colorful suit). Additionally, there's the more daring mismatched tuxedo, as seen with Timothée Chalamet donning black slim-fitting trousers with a patterned dinner jacket.

Then there's the white jacket dinner suit. The rules for a white-tie are similar to those for black-tie – simply ensure that everything fits perfectly and avoid notched lapels (a bow tie is customary). Keeping all of this in mind, we have assembled below the best suits you can purchase right now that are suitable for any occasion.




This suit from Reiss is an affordable and adaptable choice for any season, perfect for a casual setting. Made from a high-quality wool blend that ensures a comfortable fit, the shoulders are slightly padded for a relaxed smart look, while the trousers feature an elasticated drawstring waistband for a more comfortable fastening than the usual tailored option. Although it can be dressed up with a shirt, it pairs best with a white T-shirt and white pumps.



Percival's initial venture into suiting proves to be shrewd, considering the significant rise in popularity for linen suits this year. The brand, admired by celebrities such as Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds, presents a relaxed option in two color options this season, and we particularly prefer the light blue version for the numerous weddings we have lined up. Additionally, priced at just slightly above £300, it's a considerable bargain.




If you're searching for a stylish and unconventional approach to traditional tailoring, Burberry's boxy suit is an excellent choice. The two-piece ensemble, featured in a poetic "tempest grey" mid-tone shade, is set to make a fashion statement in your fall wardrobe with its Italian weave and timeless blazer inspired by the Harrington style.



Although it may appear lavish and sophisticated, it's surprising to learn that this suit from Mango, which features a slim fit and double-breasted style, comes at a very affordable price of under £180. The blazer, which is designed to lightly embrace the torso and shoulders while maintaining a relaxed appearance, allows for a comfortable and louche fit.



Albus Lumen

Albus Lumen's Nemus blazer in a unique cantaloupe-brown color challenges the typical appearance of traditional tailoring. The blazer is designed to be paired with either relaxed ankle-length trousers or airy wide-leg shorts, reflecting the label's coastal-inspired aesthetic and emphasis on comfort. This demonstrates that suiting doesn't have to be rigid or dull.




Reiss' newest single-breasted style, patterned with a classic puppytooth weave, is an ideal choice to elevate your office wardrobe. The blend of grey and brown creates a subtly bold combination suitable for a professional setting, while the lightly padded shoulders broaden your frame, giving you a more authoritative appearance that could potentially help your ideas be taken more seriously.



Who doesn't love a bit of logomania? Gucci's wide-lapelled blazer, adorned with the iconic GG canvas and luxuriously trimmed in brown leather, exudes style while eschewing strong equestrian undertones. To fully embody the Gucci aesthetic, you can pair this blazer with matching drawstring canvas trousers for a complete head-to-toe look that screams Gucci.


Charles Tyrwhitt

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and if that's the case, then windowpane is the key to the heart of fashion. A windowpane check suit offers twice the depth of a plain grey suit while remaining just as adaptable, making it a practical way to switch up your formal attire without venturing beyond your comfort zone. Charles Tyrwhitt's version of this classic style is an excellent starting point.





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