Summer Fashion Inspiration!!

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Saying hello to summer!! It’s time to shine with long sleeve maxi dresses. The fashion expert Sushree Subhasmita will give you details.

Summer Dresses with Sleeves

Dress not only gives us a new look every day but also keeps us ahead of the fashions.
Well, it’s been hot summer so far and the sun doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime. It’s time to chill this season in shorts, skirts, sleeveless and tiny dresses. Well apart from this, you can give a change for your summer wardrobe. A little change in your wardrobe can make you look different. It’s the perfect time to shine with the dresses with long sleeves.
Everyone believes that dressing in a way makes you feel most beautiful. Well, bit a change in your wardrobe can make you a stylish confident woman.

1. Add A Headscarf

Dressing for summer outing??
Well it makes a fashionable way to wear maxi dress with long sleeves. Adding a headscarf will make more fashionable and confident. This is outfit is perfect wearable for casual weekends. As this will add a style for your entire look. Wearing a long sleeves maxi dress in summer takes to the most casual look. While adding a headscarf that matches a color from the dress will give a different look for summertime. Moreover, it will also give a cutest look in summer vibes.

2. Lace Dress

Wants to make your summer outing in style and a bit more fashionable during summer??
well, nothing is prettier than a lace dress. Then this white lace long sleeve dress is perfect for beach wear. The lace dress with long sleeves, can protect your arms on sunny days and will be perfect for beach outfit. The lace dress is light, comfortable and gives a perfect and complete outfit. With this outfit, sun wear hat with open hairs and flat sandals or tan gladiator sandals will give a complete look.

3. Color Blocking

Everyone needs a perfect dress in their wardrobe. This is truly divine. Well, parties during spring or summer season time, this type of dresses will make you feel wow. A satin maxi dress with long sleeves will make a perfect wear for the parties. Beige or metallic silver color heels is enough to show off your dress and accessories with sparkly drop earrings and a trendy clutch, for a dressed up-dressed is perfect for this spring or summer parties.

4. Go for Patterns- Polka Dots

Wants to play safe???
Maxi dress with Polka Dots ae not only comfortable but also eye-catching. Polka dots are mad fashionable now, starting from clothing to accessorises and the most versatile item for summer wardrobe. This street style fashion is loved by everyone. Polka Dots is so trendy for summer look.
This bright pink polka dots dress with long sleeves is perfect look for summer. The timeless print and color will make you look gorgeous on sunny days. In this dress, black color accessories and heels will give a complete and perfect look.

5. The Floral Dress

Summer means summer dresses, right!!
Nowadays, the floral print dresses are trendy… Floral prints are meant to be happy summer dress and a summer fashion mainstay. It gives a cool summer look while going for outing and shopping days. The dress will give a bold and blooming look for summer. This beautiful sundress will be perfect for summer months. The floral prints can help to stand out in all the right ways. For this outfit pump or block sandals will be perfect with minimal accessories.

6. Sneakers with a Maxi Dress

Not comfortable with heels or sandals!! No worries…
Being an athlete person or an athlete fan… Athletic wear has been a huge fashion trend for the last few months in this fashion world. Well, by wearing stilettos heels with maxi dress gives a fashionable look. Wants to be in fashion trends for summer, by keeping it comfortable?? Then wearing sneakers with maxi dress will not make you out of trend or style. Adding in sneakers not only keeps you comfortable, but it will also help to stay with the trends as well as dressing down a stylized dress. Nowadays, Bollywood are also applying this style. A trendy clutch, with this outfit will make you feels young and cool.

7. With Colorful Accessories

Every woman’s closet needs a great striped summer dress.
Inspired from the menswear stripe shirt, stripe dress for casual days this summer will take you feel chill and feel cool. Dresses not with bright Colors?? Don’t worry; well adding bright and colorful accessories will help to break the boring look. A bright purse and heels will help to break your dress in half by making it for fashionable. Style one with a trendy pair of sunglasses. A dress with split, then a pair of bright shoes will give an attractive look, as well as you can show off the fashion trend that you will be stomping down the sidewalk.

8. The Ruffled Dress

Some clothes appear to always stay on trend. Well off-the-shoulder dresses are still in style, and this summer you can make a style statement in a trendy off-shoulder dress. Make your day cheerful and bright by putting brightly colored yellow sundress with ruffles that’s absolutely fits to wear in this sunshine. The fusion of bright colors with ruffles gives a perfect outfit wear from runways for spring-summer collections. It gives a fresh and modern style for summer times. It is also wearable for casual weekends, and can be styled for going out at night for dinner or date. For a complete outfit the accessories should be minimal to give bold look.

So, in a mood to change your summer closet??
Which summer fashion inspiration will you go for!!



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