Checklist For Buying A Second Hand Hyundai I20


Hyundai i20 has earned a name for itself in India because of its wide range of market segments. It requires less maintenance and is an excellent car for driving on busy city roads and a suitable companion for taking a long weekend drive. The sturdy build and seating of 5 are the most attractive to first-time car owners and those looking for entry-level sedans.

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If you are on a tight budget, then getting a second hand car makes sense. However, you need to be alert and aware of things to look for in a second hand car. Here is a list tailored to what to look for in a Hyundai i20 when you are buying a second hand car.

Checklist for buying a second hand Hyundai i20

  1. Check the history of claims and repairs – The history of claims with the insurer can be found out by contacting the insuring and demanding for full background. It will give you a fair idea of how many times the car has been to the shop and the reasons for it. You will also get an idea of which parts have been replaced and if all the parts are original or not.

The insurance policy is associated with the driver, and the NCB will be transferred to the previous owner. This means you need to buy used car insurance from day 1 to ensure your car is protected in case of any accidents or mishaps. There is separate car insurance available for second hand cars, which can be bought online.

  1. Inspect the brakes – There was some issue with the initial models of i20, and the brakes had to be replaced. There were complaints regarding squealing noises and shuddering upon braking. It was a complaint in the top-end model as well even though they are equipped with disc brakes. The issue was resolved in the later models, but when making a purchase, ensure you check this one!

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  1. Examine the suspension – Checking the suspension doesn’t just mean checking it on city roads with speed breakers, but the actual test is on a slightly bumpy road. There was feedback regarding the suspension of i20 that they tend to make noise. This car has a light suspension, and it can get rather bouncy on a bumpy road.


  1. Check the air conditioning – Weak air conditioning can be frustrating, especially when you are travelling to work. The air conditioning in earlier Hyundai i20s was found lacking as the compressor would cut out early and not provide sufficient cooling to the passengers in the car.


  1. Try out the steering – The first generation i20s faced some problems with the steering as it rattled after a few months. If the car was used daily, then the yoke spring and padding had to be swapped for a new one earlier than expected. Despite this, the problem kept coming up after every few months. Check for this issue when you are looking at buying a second hand i20.

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  1. Pay attention to clutch plates – Clutch plates often need to be changed in all cars once the car has touched a certain number of kilometres. However, it was observed that in i20, the clutch plate gave way after reaching about 50,000 kilometres. A faulty clutch plate makes it harder to change gears and may make the gear squeaky. 

  1. Test window and door seals – No matter which part of the country you are in, the door and window seals need to be perfect to keep out water and unwanted pests. When you are buying a second hand i20, it may be difficult to check this, but you can try by hosing the car down and checking for any water that has entered the car. This is extremely important in case of heavy rains.


  1. Calculate the mileage – The mileage tends to reduce as the car gets older. When you are looking at offers to buy a second hand i20, consider the mileage the car is giving you. If the mileage is low, it indicates poor maintenance or a worn-out engine. Either way, low mileage is a red flag, and you should reconsider purchasing the said car.

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  1. Check for modifications in the car – Many cars have done changes to the body or the engine to make them more powerful or efficient. At the same time, if the car has been fitted with LPG or CNG, that is also a modification. These are not done by Hyundai themselves. In this case, the work is done by a third party, and you should understand the implications as they may be deeper than they seem. For example, the insurance may become void if a third party does work.


  1. Observe the kilometres completed – The car's age indicates which generation car it is, but the number of kilometres determines the extent of usage. The higher the number of kilometres, the lower the cost of the car. It also means the car has fewer years left to run. The emphasis is also on how the car has been maintained if the number of kilometres is high.

Whether a first hand or a second hand car, a car is a major investment and a momentous occasion for the buyer. Apart from protecting it for its sentimental value, it is essential to protect you against any financial liabilities. Purchasing Hyundai car insurance ensures that you have something to fall back on in case of an unfortunate event. The coverage should start from day 1 and at least cover any damages to a third party in case of an accident as mandated by the law.

If you are looking to provide for the damages of your own car in case of a collision, then you have that option as well. You can even customise the policy by selecting chargeable add-ons. Get the car insurance and enjoy complete peace of mind while driving your second hand Hyundai i20.




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