Tollywood Gears Up For Back To Back Theatrical Releases!

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Sankranti/ Pongal is one of the most celebrated festivals in the Telugu states. As Sankranti week approaches Tollywood actors are gearing for their new releases.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended everyone’s lives and left a deep impact. The entire Film industry was shut for a long time like never before.

The Film shootings across the Country resumed post October last year, many films were already in the post production stage. But none of the actors, director’s and producer’s risked to go for a theatrical release and most of them headed for an OTT release.

Many actors on self will! didn’t even turn out to attend shootings and self isolated themselves. Whereas, few risked and few tested positive.

Despite the pandemic situation in place, the only positive thing for film-makers is COVID-19 cases have been declining and people are getting habituated to the new normal.

Keeping this in mind the maker’s of “Solo Brathuke So Better” went for a first Tollywood theatrical release on December 25 th post Lockdown.

After this, many Tollywood stars lined-up for theatrical releases. Last week, Ravi Teja’s crack was released and is receiving a good response at the box office. Following this Alludu Adhurs and Ram’s Red are set to hit screens on 14th January.

Another much awaited movie, Zombie Reddy was slated to be released for this Sankranti. But, following the advice of a few top film makers, zombie Reddy makers shifted the release date to 5th February.

Other than Tollywood, Kollywood Industry is also pretty excited to start 2021 with a full bang with Master and Eeshwaran going to hit screens for this Pongal. Where as, other industries are entirely out of theatrical movies for this Sankranti.

Which movie do you think will remain as Sankranti winner🏆? Give your views in the comment section.

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