Tollywood Star Vijay Devarakonda Runs Out Of Money

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Tollywood star Vijay Devarakonda recently mentioned in an interview that he has run out of money. Read our article by Tejaswini for more details!

Vijay Devarakonda is a star actor in the Telugu film industry. He is well appreciated and loved by many Telugu audiences for his films, Arjun Reddy, Geetha Govindam, pellichoopulu. Vijay owns a production company, King of the Hill Entertainment. He also owns his own brand Rowdy. Recently he produced a film called Meeku Matrame Chepta.

Borrowing money

In an interview, he recently said that he borrowed money, He said,

“I have had to borrow from my friends to be able to pay the staff at my production house and to fund the activities of The Deverakonda Foundation in Covid-19 times. I can’t reveal how much I borrowed. It is a personal thing. I hadn’t imagined that a situation like this would come to prevail one day. With film shoots stalled, my producers are unable to make payments. They are facing a financial crunch and would be able to make payments only once film shoots recommence”

This says that Vijay although is low on budget with his production house, is trying to help those affected with COVID 19. He also says that he can’t reveal the amount of money he borrowed. Is it huge? If this goes on is he gonna be bankrupted?

He also says

“I invested in a film. Last year, we bought a house. I put in my money into a project to make scores of youngsters employable. Like others, I didn’t see this coming. I am the kind of person who spends his earnings, I kept aside my own Rs 25 lakh to help out 2,500 families. Thanks to public donations, the fund has got Rs 75 lakh at its disposal, through which we have been able to reach out to 7,500 families. My origins are middle-class. I know what the middle-class segment goes through in day-to-day lives when the going gets tough. I can imagine what kind of hardships I and my family would have faced had this pandemic been a reality just five years ago”

Vijay is from a middle-class family and became very successful. He tried giving opportunities to youngsters although he himself is having a necessity of money he saved some for helping people affected during the pandemic. He is indeed a hero.


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